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  1. I have a chart inside a container :

    items: [{region : 'center',
    height : '100%',
    items : [{
    xtype : 'container',
    id :...
  2. Can I access this property? I've tried setting series size but it doesn't work.

    I'm using Extjs 4.1. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm using Extjs 4.1, I want to hide a series name from legend, how can I do it ?

    Ext.each(chart.series.items, function(series) {
    if (series.yField == 'done') {
  4. I have Json store that returns data like this :

    "data": [

    "inAnalysis": 73,
    "inQuest": 13,
    "New": 3,
  5. could you please POST YOUR CODE?

  6. My model is empty, I just have a model file with no fields :

    Ext.define('Metrics.model.GraphData', {
    extend: ''

    I have tried creating a model dynamically,...
  7. Hello I have a Python script that returns Json data which I load into my chart. The returned data looks like this :

    "data": [
    "inAnalysis": 19,
  8. Okay I managed to do it by cloning the filtered store to an array and then binding that array to the fieldset items. Thank you.
  9. how can I solve this problem please ?
  10. am trying to load data dynamically in a fieldset.
    So I have a fieldset in which I dynamically add items, in my example I have two comboboxes. I want to fill those comboboxes with data coming from a...
  11. Hi, I'm trying to save a chart by converting SVG to PNG with a Python script.
    So I start storing the svg data in a variable with :

    var svgdata =...
  12. Hi, I have a grouped bar chart, I want the user to have the ability to change bars width dynamically, so I have made 3 buttons to allow the user to choose "Small" "Medium" or "Large" bar width.
  13. My json data looks like this :

    ({"success": "true", "message" : "OK","data":[{"id_metric":"1","name_filter":"doc...
  14. My json looks like this :

    "Week": [
    "Total_OUT3F": 12,
    "Sev_Logged": "3_major",
    "Total_OUT3A5": 3,
  15. I found on an example, they were using "item.storeField" to get the name of the field, but it's not workin for me. Any ideas please?
  16. When I click on an element on my legend, the chart adapts to the values of the x and y axes that are left on the chart, is there a way to disable this ?

    Thank you
  17. Here's a screenshot :


    I want the week value to be displayed once for each group of columns.

    Please help
  18. Please how is it possible?

    My tooltip :

    tips: {
    trackMouse: true,
    width: 74,
    height: 28,
    renderer: function(storeItem, item) {...
  19. Hi, I'd like to use this example of grouped bar chart :

    but I'd like to inverse the axis fields, instead of the...
  20. Hi, i'm having the same problem, I need to show the tooltip for each bar in grouped bar (I'm using extjs 4), I use it like this :

    tips: {
    trackMouse: true,
    width: 74,...
  21. Actually I have a viewport where I put all my views in, it looks like this :

    Ext.define('Metrics.view.Viewport', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Viewport',
    layout: 'fit',

  22. please somebody help me find the error in my code
  23. In my controller, exactly in the handler of my button :

    launchChart : function(button){
    console.log('before create');
    var chartwin = Ext.widget('chartwin');
    console.log('after create');...
  24. I've been digging my mind all this morning to find the solution to this, I have an Extjs window where I want to put a chart as an item. I'm using Extjs 4, here's my window :

  25. I have a JSON store :

    "Week": 1145,
    "Sev_Logged": 22,
    "From": "IN1"
    "Week": 1145,
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