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  1. hello

    what does this mean?
    chrome is not supported by sencha touch? u dont care if it not works in chrome?
    we dont want a native app, its part of our concept to run the app in browser!

    i was...
  2. ok. it is/was a very good situation that sencha served safari and google chrome. this saved a lot of work for app-developer. i hope you have a careful eye on this case.
  3. what changes are to await if google chrome changes to blink engine?
  4. Hello

    i use the loader ability of architect and set to enabled caching.

    it works fine if
    ->i start the app to get all data loaded
    ->quit the browser or tab and go to the flightmode ...
  5. i can define the awaited id-field (which has to be an int) myself in the properties of model in architect.

    for me it is idProperty: 'idls' now.
    and i add a field named 'idls' with int-type to my...
  6. I have a Problem with adding parallel localStorages to the existing ones.

    I have the same issue like this in ST 1.x ...
  7. i can verify the solution of duranmla.

    adding an id field to the binded model makes the localStorage persistant.

    Why? I dont know. I hope that it will not not collide in future when wanting to...
  8. Hello!

    I would like to see a demo how to take things (temporarily) offline.
    For example to reach this workflow:

    open senchaApp -> get fresh data online -> go offline -> work -> switch off...
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    you guessed right.

    it works with this.

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    How do i reach basic funtions?

    I want to avoid redundant code in controller actions but its not possible to make functions in a function.
    i defined the function with the "basic function"...
  11. Hello

    I use Architect and have added the resources touch-charts.css and touch-charts-debug.js .

    In a controller action
    i add a just created simple chart to a panel.

    var chart =...
  12. nice to hear you work on that :)

    but i only come close to the functionalities taken from "guide to controllers".

    in the guide is said to add a ref in the config.
    so i done and and added a...
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    wouldnt it be nice to have a feature in st 2 (designer) , where its possible to import an table from mysql to a Model or something like that?

  14. i used the standard path of st-designer 2 to

    but i replaced it now with a path to local version (sencha-touch-2-b3) and it works.
    i thought at the cachefly link is...
  15. i want to make a login via Ext.Msg.prompt in a Sencha Touch 2 App. I use Sencha Touch Designer.
    In the function for a tap-listener on a button i wrote:

    Ext.Msg.prompt('Login', 'type password...
  16. Thank you very much.

    always these small stones in the shoe... ;)
  17. i have the problem on a normal browser application, no phonegap in use...
  18. it seems to have nothing to do with the list itself. if i hardcode the json object to the data paramter of the store the list will appear correctly.

    the problem seems to be somthing about the ajax...
  19. hello

    i have the same problem on a real device!

    Ext.Ajax.defaultHeaders = {
    'Accept': 'application/json'
    url:'', // gives back...
  20. hmm ok. but the kitchen sink app works fine with NestedList. So i replaced my List with NestedList, but same behaviour(works on PC, not on Tablet). Something other must be different and then probably...
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    Please can you tell where. I cant find these events here!/api/Ext.dataview.List

    Thank You
  22. Hello

    I'm wondering why i see this List in the latest Google Chrome on PC (Win XP) and not on my Tablets with the latest Android 3.0.1 Update.

    Somebody can tell me what im doing wrong, please?...
  23. exactly what i was looking for.
    the only tiny issue is at the "usage code", it should be sortIndex:'date' and dataIndex:'dateToString' .
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