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  1. also you can use http compression provided by servers which can reduce size data sent across
  2. Hi all,

    Please check below code and let me know if there is something wrong. This code is supposed to show form in west and grid in center using border layour but both are aligned in top corner...
  3. Cell navigation (CellSelectionModel) in Grid doesn't work in opera 12.14
    i was testing my small application which shows Grid with Cell selection and navigation using keyboard.
    this works great on...
  4. thanks for replying icfantv.

    it sure is not easy to create container of our own with the fact that it is also to be used as Cell in grid. So narrowing down on problem.

    what im trying to do is...
  5. how can i have Grid with cell which can act as container. So that they can hold any object from other container to any widget
    I'm working on small app which has row expander grid. gxt demo has good...
  6. Hi,

    1. i have created grid with editable cell using NumberField class.
    2. grid is been in set for SINGLE selection mode
    3. then i added KeyDownHandler for NumberField, in order to navigate from...
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    almost every gxt 3.0 component comes with Appearance interface. This interface basically indicate how component would appear on browser. you can provide its implementation to change look and feel of...
  8. my mistake
    found solution:

    grid.addBodyScrollHandler(new BodyScrollHandler() {
    public void onBodyScroll(BodyScrollEvent event) {...
  9. Hi,

    I wanted to make grid autoscroll and here is the code snippet i wrote:
    // some code...
    Grid<Task> grid = new Grid<Task>(store, model);
    // some code...
  10. Thanks Colin
    Solution you gave works gr8. But my question was w.r.t. grid filters provided on grid columns context menu in FilterGrid example in the demo:...
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    Is there any update on lockable columns Grid in gxt 3???
  12. thanks sven.
    I implemented mentioned interfaces and it worked as expected.
  13. thanks for replying Colin.
    I'm certain that it is gxt 3.0
  14. I created custom appearance for TextButton and applied it for one particular button. Here is code:

    public class OrangeButtonCellAppearance<C> extends ButtonCellDefaultAppearance<C> {

  15. Hi,
    I'm trying to apply filters for Grid data externally through custom code instead of using Grid context menu.
    the API seem simple enough as,
    StringFilter<Film> descFilter = new...
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