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  1. i am using app-all.js and its working fine no issues with that. But sencha-touch.js is not working
    Its fix js comes with download of sencha-touch 2 which is of 90 K.B. size .
    so currently i am...
  2. how can i build my app into two js sencha-touch.js and app.js ?
  3. any solution ???
  4. if i try to include sencha-touch.js (91 KB)
    then it gives bellow errors:

    GET http://localhost/sencha/ecctouch/event/Dispatcher.js?_dc=1337340156709 404 (Not Found)

  5. i am using MVC in my application.
    I create jsb file using bellow command
    sencha create jsb -a http://localhost/sencha/ecctouch/app.html -p app.jsb3
    and build it using bellow command
  6. if i try to do only Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem({xtype: 'IntakePanel'});
    it gives me warning something like add it to view port first
  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply. Can you please give me any example for it ??
  8. still no reply.....:(
  9. Anyone can help me plss ????
    Need urgent solution as i stuck due to this problem...
    Please help me.....
  10. I have generated fieldset (textboxes,selectfield etc) inside panel. After login done i display this panel using bellow code from my controller.js
  11. I have build application using sencha touch, its all working fine except issue of initial loding time.

    I have make its native app. using phonegap, have build its jsb3 file and app-all.js using...
  12. I have code in my app as bellow in which i load list within tabpanel on load

    launch: function() {


  13. May be it was server's issue, works now
    Thanks for reply
  14. Hi,
    I am trying to download sencha sdk tools from bellow link

    But its just keep me waiting and i am unable to download it.

    Please help me...
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