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  1. Hey, I have purchased this books and it is very informative and worth the price.
    I am unable to access the sencha fiddle so not able to look at many code samples.
    Is there any alternative to...
  2. Hi

    I am facing an an usual issue while working on TreeGrid Panel on IE11.

    After Tree is rendered, After Expanding the Node, the expand icon (+) turns to collapsed icon (No issues as of now). As...
  3. Fixed:Unable to select last option of picker

    Hi All.

    I was also facing the same issue.I have fixed it as below.

    Below is my picker

    xtype : 'picker',
  4. Hi All.

    I was also facing the same issue.I have fixed it as below.

    Below is my picker

    xtype : 'picker',
    doneButton: false,
  5. Hi All.

    I have a pretty simple html. This html is displayed inside Sencha Panel using panel.setHtml method.
    LayOut of the sample HTML is as below.

    HTML File

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  6. Hi.

    I got the solution. It can be done as follows.

    var root = panel.element.dom,
    firstname =...
  7. I am displaying an html inside an Ext.Panel using setHtml method. The HTML is as below.

    First name: <input type="text" name="firstname"><br>
    Last name: <input type="text"...
  8. Hi All

    Our WEB application uses xForms to validate and display the different template for different countries. The same thing I have to implement using Sencha Touch. I searched on various forums...
  9. Hi CoolFish,

    Yes. Your assumption is completely right. I wanted to make a remote call and then store a data to my localstorage proxy.

    I have achieved it my creating two stores (1) Remote Store...
  10. Hi Greg. Thanks for the reply. I took an alternative and rather than relying on Ids, I have used css cls as a selector and accessed it using Ext.Select. Your information too was very helpful
  11. BackGround : I am working with a List and store config of list. I am making an Ajax call everytime and display the data in the list. Now, i want to use the localstorage proxy with this.

    Here is...
  12. Hi.

    BackGround :
    I am using the same toolbar in all my views which is defined in a separate view. This toolbar has four buttons. Since this button has 'id' attribute,
    tap event on one button...
  13. Hi.

    I have got solution to this issue and sharing the same here.

    I was facing an issue that global functions lose its context once the production build is done. So the android application which...
  14. I was also facing the same issue. I realized it was a name space issue.

    Following is my namespace configuration ->

    'Ext' : 'touch/src',
    'WU' : 'app',
  15. BackGround: I am loading a sencha mobile site in the webview of the Android device and accessing a function declared inside sencha controller from the java class as below.

  16. I am trying to make a simple JSONP call to get a json file which is loaded on the remote server.

    Here is my simple json file loaded on the server.

    "login": [
  17. If you are using proxy then use,

    var store = Ext.getStore('DataStoreName');

    If you are not using proxy then,

  18. I was able to overcome this issue and applied following stylings to override the default styling by sencha and applied custom image on select field as below.

    User Defined CSS >> Applied...
  19. Hi.

    I am trying to change the default image in select field with my custom image. Below are the classes declared in sencha-touch-debug.css which needs to be overriden for this change.
  20. Hi All.

    I am working on a mobile website developed using sencha touch 2. I had used sencha cmd v3 to generate the production build. When i tested the production build, I found that my custom css...
  21. Hi

    I got the solution and posting it here as It may be helpful to others.

    There were places where I was directly accessing the controller such as this.MYapp.getController('MyController') and...
  22. Hi All.

    BackGround :
    I am working on a sencha touch 2.1.0. I have created production build using sencha cmd 3.0.The production build is successful but While running the application (production...
  23. Thanks

    I tried with .x-field-select.x-component-outer::after {
    -webkit-mask-image:url('myImg') }and it worked.

    Thanks for the help.
  24. Hi All,

    I want to change the default Image of Select Dropdown in Sencha Touch to a customized image? I have attached screenshot for reference. I am not able to find any property to change this...
  25. Thanks a lot for the help. It worked.
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