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  1. Same problem here with the SDK2.0beta3:

    C:\Program Files\SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3>sencha app create testApp d:\MyDocuments\testApp

    [ERROR] The current working directory (C:\Program...
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    Try to change height property by the maxHeight one.
  3. Hi,

    What is the server response when you save a record ?
  4. Yes you need to return a JSONObject which contains your JSONArray. For example for a pagesize equals to 3, the object should be something like :

    {success: true, total: 75, data:...
  5. Ok it works, I have to add the "requires" line in the store (is it a bug?) and the name of the model should be full.
  6. No error in network, all is "200 OK".
    I added :

    requires : ['MyApp.model.Order'],
    model : 'MyApp.model.Order',

    In my controller and it seems to work now.
  7. Thanks for helping me, unfortunately it doesn't work :-/
    I added :

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled : true,
    disableCaching : true
  8. My app.js :

    name : 'MyApp',
    appFolder : 'app',

    controllers : ['Orders', 'Users'],
    models : ['Order', 'User'],
  9. Thanks but it did not change anything. The Order.js is never read by the application.
  10. Yep I tried, but still the same error.
    I use the onClassCreated arg in Ext.define to test if the model is created, and it is not...

    It means that my application never reads the Order.js...
  11. My application is in the same domain as the Servlet. All is in localhost:8080.
    I tried jsonp proxy but the error is the same. My model is always undefined.

    I thing the problem is that the model...
  12. The problem seems to be on the model. The property "model" in my store is "undefined". I change my code to put the proxy in the model :

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.Order', {
  13. Hi,
    I'm trying to make a very simple app with a model and a store. The store has a Ajax Proxy and the corresponding URL returns JSON-formatted data.
    I try to use a JSON reader to decode this data...
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