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  1. Hi there,
    I have a GridPanel, in which I pop up an Ext.Window when you click on submit button. Under my Ext.Window , I have included a formPanel as item, my problem is every time, I close the...
  2. Yeah I will change that..

    Can you explain, how can I do this, with sample code..
    But I am wondering why can't I just replace new line? I mean it's just bothering me that it's not letting me...
  3. Hi there,
    I have a text area in my form, and If I hit enter while writing in text area, I can't get it show in a grid, so I am trying to replace new line with space, before I store into my...
  4. Hello,
    I have one questions though. Tooltip works for me right, but is it possible to still show tooltip after you click on that cell?Like mine is EditableGrid, and i have to double click on it to...
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply,
    I just did following and it worked for me:

    listeners: {
    beforeshow: function updateTipBody(tip) {
  6. Hello there,
    I been posting my questions since last 3 days, but no one is replying to me :-(

    I am just asking for lil help, how can I show tool tip for only selected cells (rowindexes) and not...
  7. I don't know if it's a miracle or something :D, but my code works in IE now, I mean the one provided by Animal
    I don't understand what's the reason..
    Coz I am using 2.0 not 3.0, and the link said...
  8. Anyone?
    Both of the link provided above doesn't work for me..
    Please help me..
    Or suggest any new idea to me..I can't upgrade to 3.0 due to other requirements..,
    Please help how to fix it in...
  9. In FF, it's giving error saying:
    this.plugins[i] is undefined
    this.plugins[i].init(this); (in ext-all-debug.js)

    And IE, it doesn't work :-((
  10. Hi BitPoet,
    Is your extension works in 2.0?
    And I have a EditorGridPanel..Does it make difference?

    var grid = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel({
  11. Hi Animal,
    I used your code provided in the link, but I am using Ext 2.0..How can I accomplish that in 2.0?
    Your code works for me FF but not in IE..
    please help

  12. It's working in FF but not in IE..
    what Do I DO?

    Please Help
  13. Oh I found this post of Animal:

    Hoping that would fix my issue
  14. HI there,
    I have a EditorGridPanel where left hand side column is a field and right hand side column is a value for that field.
    SO each field accepts different input..
    But the point is i want to...
  15. Replies
    Thanks a lot Anmila & jGarcia for your help..
    Actually Problem was it was not displaying newline in a grid column..
    But I fixed my issue,
    I replaced \n with space in my domain object and used...
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    This needs to be done in my JSP, right? or JS?
  17. Replies
    Can give an example?

    Thanks for your help,
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    You mean in my form?
    I am using text are:

    { xtype:'textarea',
    id: 'Comments',
    fieldLabel: 'Comments',
    width: 300,
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    I can't change the way it's coded, as the project is already in the use,
    How can I fix it with existing code?

    But Json piece looks right..Something is getting wrong somewhere in back-end...
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    In the API, I saw following:
    nl2br( String The ) : String Converts newline characters to the HTML tag <br/>
    Converts newline...
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    I use JDBC for database connection..Data is being stored in DB2, and I have json object in my jsp, where I loop thru my result from Database and Display it to my UI thru JS

    And i am submitting my...
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    But I don't understand one thing, if it's a Database problem, then how come when it comes back from server it looks right on my json object in firebug
    I don't see that special character in my json...
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    That means issue is with Database,
    how can I fix it?
    I printed log statement before I do insert in Database, it looked right, see below:

    Any idea?
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    Hey Database it not removing it , but looks like it's converting it to some special character,
    I ran the query and it was like following in place of newline character;
    Please see the atatched...
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    I did lot of research, but didn't find any solution,

    Please help with sample code...

    I appreciate it
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