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  1. Anyone please?
  2. Is it a native app? Like YouTube app or a webview which sucks if you have a navigation tab. the layout (panel) scrolls too easily which I don't want to happen in my app.
  3. I tried phoneGap but to be very frank with you, it doesn't give users a native app like experience. E.g when you scroll up & down, the panel scrolls too and you can see a black/greyish background...
  4. Can anyone help with that?
  5. I think it is supposed to be html rather than "lyrics". So change to it html without the quotes and make sure it is a property in config.
  6. Hmmm, I have fixed this and the app doesn't run in iOS simulator. Additionally, I haven't messed around with the packager.json. This time when I run the build native command, it passes successfully....
  7. Thanks for the help. Based on what line are you determining that the line you've given me needs to be added?
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    Package your app with Sencha command tools v.3
  9. HELP.. anyone please?
  10. Hi there,

    I'm getting this Error when building an iOS app on my mac machine, that will be so great if someone can help me resolve it. I thought it is asking to install apache-ant on my machine...
  11. Thank you for the help. I didn't know the compiler is so picky on little things. Now, the problem with build stage. When I try building my app, I get this error "On line 120 in build-imp.xml" that...
  12. Any help please?
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    The docs should help a bit
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    You need to have the Android SDK installed. You can acquire it from this website

    once you download and install it on your machine, take a...
  15. Hi there,
    I am new to this community and think the sencha-touch SDK has a lot to offer.I am trying to compile a sencha touch 2 project to build an android app but it doesn't compile fully and...
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