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    Lucky for you i'm still subscribed to this thread and I never delete anything! Attached, but had to rename it to a .txt
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    I ended up using a managed iframe and loaded the Ext4 charts (external) inside the iframe window (for the desktop application), however the performance is pretty terrible.
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    I am looking to build extjs myself and all the links point to the build it page ( which returns a page not found. Has this been moved or removed altogether?
  4. I've been playing around with the sandbox demo, the Ext 4 charts do work in a 3 environment, but not very well in the 'desktop' environment. Since the ext4 chart and window in the sandbox example...
  5. When running the 'Ext JS 3 Desktop + Ext JS 4 Charts' demo on the developer preview page, I notice a couple of strange things such as:

    1. The labels on the pie chart seem to lose their alignment...
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    Thanks BitPoet! Awesome plugin. Now to figure out how to get it to play nice with Saki's RowActions

    edit: There is a minor bug in this plugin where none of the tipConfig options will get applied...
  7. Hi all; long time reader first time writer ...

    I have an Ext window which consists of a couple of forms. The first form has a dropdown combo, and depending on which value the user selects, the...
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