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  1. can you post the link to the ticket?
  2. I can live with that...can I put in a feature request to make that callback name completely customizable? For times when the JSONP service I'm calling isn't flexible...
  3. Is there a way I can configure my Sencha application so that the JSONP function doesn't have to be '' and can be, say, 'callback123' instead?
  4. yup, that was it...thanks! Once I got my remote service to wrap the JSON in a function called '', then it worked fine.
  5. Hi,

    I followed the documentation/guide for creating NestedLists and I was successful in getting it to read the store from a remote source and it worked as outlined in the guide. When I tried to...
  6. yeah, I figured that. I was hoping for the dual functionality, though.
    Here's my scenario:
    Horizontal scrolling shows all the people of a company who have the same supervisor. Vertical scrolling...
  7. Hi,

    From looking at some examples, it appears that I can't make a carousel scroll both horizontal and vertical. Can someone confirm this? Has anyone else had a need to do this though? Maybe...
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