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  1. Hi,

    I am having bit difficulty in getting the indviidual values from array. I havent used the proper store method as i was bit late in hearing about that. But is there anyway i could use...
  2. Okay great and thanks guys for the fast replies.. It truly helps a lot..
  3. Okay.. But that happens only when we change the manifest file. What will happen if i have changes only in the files like say HTML file or js file and these have been previously added in the manifest...
  4. Thanksmitchellsimoens and jay.

    This ( is a great tutorial for all beginners.

    Ive altered the html for adding the manifest file. ...
  5. Basically i have a login page upfront. Once user is successfully logged in, there are many panels inside the app which contains various data which will be dynamically fetched from the database....
  6. Hi,

    I have written code for html5 offline caching and configured the server accordingly. But i would like to know how this will work in mobile devices? Where will be the caching be done? Is...
  7. Hi,

    I am a newbie and i would like to know how i can get individual values from database. Also whether i can pass a single value from one panel to another.

    The code i have got is of sample...
  8. No.. My doubt was is there any particular way we can give away the app i have done using sencha without uploading to appstore.

    I have completed an app and currently i use xcode to make api build...
  9. Hi,

    I'm a bit curious as to whether im in the right path regarding the development of the app for iphone and apple devices and also for android.

    As of now i was taking udid of my device...
  10. Hi,

    I am just using Sencha touch 2. I am new to sencha and i am not sure whether i can use any of other products along with this.

    The problem with my app is that when i run through browser...
  11. Hi,

    I am developing a simple application which unfortunately for me needs access to database. While the app works perfectly while running through url, it does not work when used as an iphone...
  12. Hi,

    Is it possible to change the design of the buttons like submit, back etc which are used in the docked toolbars.

    For eg :-

    I have used the following button,
  13. Hi, Thanks for replying... I am using sencha touch 2.. Kindly let me know where you post in the bugs also so that i too can follow.. Is there any other way around this?.. I have tried using items...
  14. Yes i wan talking about <a href=""></a> tags. But how can i call a new panel with <a> tag. I am not sure. Ive searched a lot and i couldnt find any. Kindly help me figure out.


  15. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me how i can add like a link so that when user clicks on the link, a new panel can be viewed. The functionality which i need is this :

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    Yes i got the complete list of data from the database.

    The problem is i'm new to this and bit hesitant into jumping inside everything as i may loose track of the flow easily. I am in...
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    What i would like to know is how i can get the individual values from variable guests. Till now i could not figure out how to get the values.

    Another thing is once i get the value will it be...
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    Thanks for replying..

    Sorry I am using secha touch 2.

    And yes i am setting success as true. But in the js file im not sure how to get values from the array.
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    I am just exploring the sencha world.I am creating my first app using sencha. Can someone point me as to how i can get the data from the database using php and json. Ive got a code which i...
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