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  1. A mistake on our part.

    EXTJS-20833 has not been merged, so the fix is not in latest 6.0 or 6.1 yet.
  2. EXTJS-20833 has not been merged yet. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Sorry guys, I fixed a Y2K bug in date field, and the checkChange() and validate functionality regressed. It has since been fixed. I should show up in new builds soon.
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    Multiple tickets certainly deserve multiple patches!

  5. If you do:

    $ sudo make install

    in your SilkJS directory, where you built silkjs per the directions, then http-silk.js, silkjs, etc., should be on your path if you have /usr/local/bin on your...
  6. Here's a way to think about it.

    SilkJS is like Perl in some respects. It's a command line program (written in C/C++). You give it a script on the command line and it loads it, runs it, then...
  7. I realize it may not be obvious, but the simplest "server.js" type file you can make looks something like:

    Config.documentRoot = 'path_to_your_document_root';

    Then you put your files in...
  8. did you?

    sudo make install

    to install silkjs

    Then you git clone the SilkJS-extjs4 repo somewhere else. I have something like:

  9. :DBetter to know about it twice than not at all!
  10. You can trivially invoke a perl program from SilkJS using process.exec().

    Function: process.execSynopsisvar output =...
  11. Thanks Eric for his validation that SilkJS does work. I'd add that the WWW server is written in JavaScript. The whole thing is ~1500 lines - hardly a lot to figure out.

    I honestly never heard of...

    The code nicely determines the non-collapsed nodes and the count of those.

    Only if...
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    And here's the fix:

    Ext.dom.Element.scroll function never negates the distance variable if the...
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    It's evident in the examples.

    Go to the "Two trees" demo in kitchen sink, otherwise known as "multiple trees" from the examples tab in the documentation browser.

    The tree on the left is taller...
  15. Actually the fix was in your own post, not his. He explained the issue, but didn't present any solution as code that might help people resolve it.

    Thanks to the forums for helping resolve these...
  16. I ran into this today.

    A fix, since nobody's really posted one (I think) is:

    requires: [
  17. I'm fine with using "me" all over the place. It's got at least two benefits mentioned in just the past few posts here.

    If anything, I tend to use more descriptive words than just "me." For...
  18. Hey Eric,

    I'm absolutely using SilkJS with the ORM to implement the server side for ExtJS4.

    This demo implements Ext.ux.SchemaGrid class. The Grid...
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    Just an update. The site is now hosted at
  20. Yeah.

    Life is grand when you're working on existing legacy apps that don't use the latest toolkits but do need to run on the latest phones.
  21. load kitchen sink demo into Google Chrome on android device.

    Navigate to User Interface list

    Change orientation to landscape.

    Scroll up/down the list.

    Top items eventually go away. ...
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    What I mean is the browser developers release new browsers with slightly different behaviors. Ext 3.4 hasn't been touched by Sencha engineers in over a year, so any new browser release may introduce...
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    I am watching our 3.4 project deteriorate before my eyes. First it was double click on a grid row -> open tab in tab panel leaves everything in the whole browser selected, now the grids are failing....
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    New and improved WWW site at Powered by SilkJS, of course!
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    SilkJS now compiles, caches, and serves LessCSS files (files with .less extension).

    It also features UglifyJS for JavaScript minification.

    More like these to come.
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