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  1. This code should be checking lastSprite.isDestroyed

    if (lastSprite) {
    drawContainer.fireEvent('spritemouseout', lastSprite, e);
  2. .. or maybe the documentation isn't clear?

    Doc says: spritemouseover( sprite, event, eOpts )

    My expectation is that "sprite" is a sprite. It is not.
  3. +1
  4. @Pathill - This just makes me want to stop bothering to reporting bugs.
  5. I had a feeling that might be the case but I did notice something strange on occasion.. the formula would be called immediately and provide the proper value, then called with null values, and then...
  6. This one is hard to describe, so the fiddle is the best way to see the issue.

    In the fiddle I have a Panel with a ViewModel and a bound title to a formula. When the fiddle loads, there is a 5...
  7. So just to be sure.. that test case confirms the issue, right?
  8. Hi Patricia... Thank you for your explanation, and I apologize for my tone. I realize that I'm one person with one opinion, but I doubt that I'm the only one frustrated by this process. If you'd...
  9. Hello? Gary? Are you going to ignore this? Please do *your job* and look at this report. Your engineering team would see the issue in about 5 seconds, but because you refuse to look at it, the...
  10. So no fiddle means that this report doesn't get any attention?
  12. I don't have the time for fiddles at the moment.
  13. During drag/drop, the store tracks record movement (vs. a real delete) with me.removeIsMove. removeIsMove is set to true and then never set back to false, thus subsequence delete operations are...
  14. Evan,

    One additional comment and then I'll accept my fate on this issue and consider it closed.

    I'm sure somewhere in the bowels of add(), there is some code that is reconciling bind configs. ...
  15. Evan,

    I understand your explanation but then why does a bind config work? Does the implementation of bindable wait for "added" internally? Seems to me that ViewModel.bind() loses a lot of value...
  16. This is now fixed with the latest nightly.
  17. As shown in this fiddle

    One can instantiate and then add() a component with bind configs to a view hierarchy. Upon add, the View Model does its thing and...
  18. The fiddle shows the details, but I can boil it down.

    Suppose you have a view model with a link called "aLink".
    Then suppose that link references and loads a model that returns this: { stuff: {...
  19. I suspect this might turn into a feature request, or maybe considered working as designed, but from the simplest angle, if we can bind() to it, should we not be able to set() it?
  20. This was working with ExtJS 5.0.1.

    name : 'Fiddle',

    launch : function() {
    Ext.widget('grid', {
    plugins: 'viewport',
  21. This is going to be a tough one to report well, so here goes..

    I'm using responsiveContext in several places and it all works great on the desktop browser(s), but when testing with iOS, I'm seeing...
  22. I was testing with the latest nightly on Sencha Fiddle, but I'll try a 5.0.2 nightly locally and report back if I still see a problem. Thanks for the super quick reply!

    Edit: When does 5.0.2 get...
  23. The current nightly build, at least the one that sencha fiddle has, looks pretty banged up. Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, please see the attached screenshots. The...

    new Ext.panel.Panel({
    title: 'Column Layout Bug',
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    layout: 'column',
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