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  1. Thansk Ext_soft, that seemed to do it, but I wonder why it couldn't be done in the store like I have done in the past?
  2. Hi All,
    Working on putting a date in a grid.
    It appears that if I set the field up like this:

    {name: 'mdate', type: 'date'}
    It works, but when I add dateFormat like this:

    {name: 'mdate',...
  3. Anyone think its safe to assume that native wrapped WebView apps will be updated to the new HTML5 engine used in chrome?

    As I understand it webView uses the same engine as the native...
  4. figured I would thow in my soltion too - all the same as the others really.

    txtPassword = Ext.create('Ext.field.Password', {
    label: 'Password',
    required: true,
  5. Would using this work?


    background-color: #123456

    JS OBJ:
  6. so then this should work:

    if( ||{
    //Android Layout Code
    }else if({
    //iOS layout code
    } else {
    //default layout code?
  7. What exactly are you checking for? can have several properties.
  8. Bumping for the AM since I posted this late last night. :D
  9. Afternoon All,
    I'm running into a problem on my Android 4.0 tablet with focused Text Fields/Areas remaining visible - just the input area, no label - after I hide the form its on. If I tap it, it...
  10. I think they are refering to Mobile FireFox(Android) and IE9/10(WP7/8)
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    Thank you Tim, would have been much easier on all of us if the documentation showed anything about a 'menu' config for a menuitem. :-?

    Again thanks a lot.
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    Afternoon Tim,
    Sorry for the confusion, I've attached a picture that well help with a visual.

    Pretty much trying to have a context menu, with a few items, some of these items should open up a...
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    Morning All,
    I've come across the need for a "nested" context menu, I think I am close but still have a few painful issues that I can't seem to get to go away.

    I have a context menu that is...
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    Brilliant sir!
    I forget that we can move things around like that sometimes. (:|
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    Has anyone implemented or know how to implement a left or right directional arrow on a carousel? I think it could be better UI for people who dont "get" the swipe left and right thing.

    Im thinking...
  16. While I hate to say I am "glad" someone else has this issue, I am.

    It does not appear to happen to me, but I am now running on Ice Cream Sandwhich devices, with phonegap 1.6.1 and the latest...
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    Same problem, phonegap 1.5. I think they created a bug when switching to the Cordova namespace.

    Anyone got anything? Makes some authentication a pain for me.
  18. I am pushing a carousel to the nav view in my app and don't seem to have any problems. But when I first got started the "fullscreen" property screwed me over several times. If your navigation view is...
  19. Running into the same error here. Removing
    showAnimation : 'slideIn' from my view fixed it. Hopefully we will be seeing another release shortly. :D
  20. I am having the same issue. Focus a textfield or textarea field, hide the pane; and the text area is still floating above everything until I tap it.

    I have tried bluring it and focusing other els...
  21. Interrupts at .4MB for me - odd.

    wget For The Win, its downloading now.

    Thanks for the reply.
  22. Original download link dead for anyone else?

  23. No Sir, no errors. :-/
  24. both tbars have the same ID (maintbar) that I set in an effort to get this to work.
    I tried Ext.getCmp('maintbar').setTitle('WHY DOESNT THIS WORK!!!!');
    And still get nothing.

    Oddly, when I...
  25. viewport.dockedItems.items[0].setTitle() only seems to work in one place of my code, I have another spot that should change the title, and except for what is being set its the same code.
    This works,...
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