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  1. The same error message occurs when trying to override "Ext.DomQuery". Oddly (or luckily) enough, overriding the alternative name "Ext.dom.Query" works just fine.
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    iconCls: "myIcon"

    in your css:

    .x-tab .x-button-icon.myIcon{
    -webkit-mask-image: url('../images/myIcon.png');
  3. You actually can style the popup to be the exact height of its contents if you override the Select#getTabletPicket() method as follows:

    getTabletPicker: function() {
    var config =...
  4. Excellent, thanks, works as expected!
  5. If I have a grouped list with a certain grouper function and that function returns null/undefined the list item header should be hidden, because otherwise a thin blue line with no text appears....

    Just click on the "Rank" selectfield and a huge popup appears (caused by the min-height definition for...
  7. With today's Release Candidate all my calls to Ext.getStore() fail, because apparently my stores are not getting registered with the StoreManager.

    I'm including my stores via my controllers'...
  8. You can use sortProperty or sorterFn to sort your groups in any order you want to:!/api/Ext.util.Grouper
  9. try:

    groupDir: "DESC"

    in your grouper config
  10. That's not something we can answer, because nobody knows what your use case looks like.
    But if something belongs in a class, put it in a class. A Report sounds like something that belongs in a class...
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    add a

    masked: {
    xtype: "loadmask"

    in your component's config, show/hide via setMasked(true/false)
  12. That is correct. I didn't think about the animation, though (I've disabled the TabPanel animation in my current app).

    You could try to use a single toolbar for all views, but you'll have to...
  13. If you want to use a NestedList or display anything else besides a title (like a back button) in the toolbar in one or more of your views you're better off adding a docked toolbar to each of your...
  14. This might be a bug in Ext.util.Collection:
    after adding 5 items (loaded 4 from localstorage, added the fifth in my code) the data object looks like this:

    items: Array[5]

  15. Hi,
    I was able to reproduce it with the following code:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var store = Ext.create("", {
    autoSave: true,
    autoLoad: true,
    idProperty: "id",
  16. Try:

    .x-toolbar.fc-namebar .x-title { ... }

    Notice that there's no space between x-toolbar und fc-namebar
  17. Running Sencha Touch 2 Beta 3

    Have noticed this behavior on both Chrome 17 and iPad with iOS 5:

    I'm trying to access a record in my Store:

    var record = store.getAt(store.findExact("key",...
  18. Not that I know of, maybe this will help you:
  19. I'm getting the same error - with the same exact three missing files - when using sencha-touch.js instead of sencha-touch-debug.js:

    <script src="lib/touch2-beta3/sencha-touch.js"></script>...
  20. I have successfully implemented CSS3 based pinch to zoom for an image that lies inside a scrollable panel with an hbox layout.

    Unfortunately, the scroller doesn't recognize that the image...
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    Do you have an example that fails? This works for me:

    itemTpl: "{car_name} ({count})"
  22. Excellent, this works, thank you very much.
  23. I'm trying to override the Ext.Date.dayNames and monthNames properties with localized versions of those strings, just as in the example in the docs:

    An array of textual day names. Override these...
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    You can use the grouper property to set up grouping. This will be used to group items in a List by
    a) sorting items by their group
    b) adding a header containing the group name to the top of those...
  25. Try

    var mainView = Ext.widget('mainLayout');
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