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  1. if you can show the code, then it will be easy to narrow down the issue
  2. Hi,

    I want to select value from combobox drop down list using selectByValue method, but it gives me javascript error that this.view is undefined. It seems I am missing something. Following is the...
  3. hi,

    on selecting year in datefield of ext js with year more than 2050 in format last 2 digit of year. The year changes to 19.. .

    for example,

    I have format of datefield d-m-y. If let say I...
  4. Hi,

    I am facing an issue, I have 1100 records in Gridpanel, Now I want to remove 1000 rows from it at a time.

    The browser get unresponsive on this .

    DO we have any workaround for this?
  5. Can u please tell me the changes done and how to access that changes u did in SVN?
  6. Replies

    Please see the screen shot. The drop down UI get distorted in IE7, while in other browser it works fine.


    Do we have any work around for this.

    Waiting for your kind reply.
  7. HI ,

    I am using messagebox, it works fine in FF but when I run the same in IE, the message get wraps automatically.

    Is there any solution for this. I dont want to define hardcoded width.

  8. HI,

    I am using label separator to show asterik in red color as mandatory for combobox.

    Now, when I disable the combobox , it automatically change the asterik color into grey , but again when I...
  9. HI,

    I want to disable copy paste and right click functionality on certain textfields like password.

    PLease suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. HI friends,

    I am facing a problem. When any window or message popup opens. Either the parent page is greyed or not greyed, it allows tabbing through TAB key and allows to change the values.

  11. Thanks for your quick response.

    But its not working :(

    I have given the following in code:

    but its expand according to data.
  12. maxHeight is not working,

    Later option is good, but I dont want to do that.

    Is there any other option?
  13. Hi,

    Can we set minimum and maximum height to a grid panel, so that the grid panel restricts to minimum height when there is less data or no data and also restrict it to max height when there is...
  14. Hi,

    Let me explain the issue.

    I have two regions in my page.

    One is west and another is center.

    West region has a panel who has accordion to left functionality.
  15. Hi,

    I want to show combobox in editor gridpanel without any click on cell.

    As, currently, I have to first clik on cell to activate the combo box in editor grid.

    Then the combo get activates....
  16. Thanks Condor!!

    It worked
  17. let me explain you the situation..

    I have data as follows:

    var myData = [
    ['3m Co', 71.72, 0.02, 0.03, 'for new col'],
    ['Alcoa Inc', ...
  18. Hi COndor,

    Thanks for the code.

    I had successfully added the column into the grid panel.

    But I am not able to add field dyanmically.

    I tried the code given by you, but the data is not...
  19. Hi Friends,

    I am getting an issue.

    I have 2 split panel right left. IN left panel I ave collapsible enable which enable it to move into left to get hide

    In right panel, I have a grid...
  20. HI,

    I need to add asterik (red color) on mandatory fields label name.

    Is this possible in EXTJS 2.3

    Please let me know

    Thanks in advance
  21. Replies
    Thanks for the reply!!

    let me explain with some example:

    generally we have grids of following type

    header1 header2 header3
    row1 row1 row1
    row2 row2 row2
  22. Replies

    Can we have grid headers in one column - multiple rows
    like generally we have in multiple column and single row

    Thanks in advance
  23. HI,

    I want to add sum or total rows of a column at the end of grid.

    How can I do that?

    I have tried the groupsummary but in it their is a groupinp of fields also, which I dont want. And I am...
  24. Thanks Condor.

    It is nice way to approach the target.

    Thanks a lot!!
  25. Thanks Condor,

    It resolved it.

    It was a great help of yours.
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