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  1. Perfect. It works. I have modified it to my purpose, which was selecting the value inserted by the user after store reload:

    var hasFocus = combo.hasFocus;
  2. I'm happy that it works but I was searching for something more "elegant" :) Anyway thanks for your solution :)
  3. @tubamanu and @ DarrenBaker

    Sorry for my late reply: I've raised this issue but till now I've found no solution. Actually my application has still the combo box opening after store reload... :)
  4. Yes... the problem was that.
    I needed to put the error reader after the initComponent of the superclass. This is the solution also for the other topic.
    Thank you very much for your help
  5. Thanks condor. It works perfectly.

    Because I had the same problem that this thread shows:
    and in the third page...
  6. Hi,
    I've build an extension of a FormPanel, which retrieves success status and errors from a xml response. Everything seems to be ok, but there's a strange issue regarding server side field...
  7. Ok but, isn't the XMLReader that parse the XML retrieved as a string from the Ajax request?
  8. You are right, it was the content-type.
    I would like to understand why with JSON you don't have to specify content-type, and with xml yes... Could please tell me?
  9. Do you mean the Content-Type header of the HTTP response?
  10. Hi,
    I have a simple grid in a html document, and I wanted to display data from a simple XML file, which is

  11. I'm happy that it has become useful :)
  12. yes, right now!
  14. It works perfectly!
  15. Thanks... i was just wondering if it is a bug, expecting an answer from ext developers.
    Anyhow, many thanks for your help
  16. Sorry you are right: i post some code, but i have no remote sort.

    var structureInfo =
    {name : 'id', mapping : 'identifier'},
    {name : 'name'},
    {name :...
  17. Hi,
    i was doing some practical with the grouping feature. So i've created a GroupingStore, a GroupingView, etc, and builded up my grid. I've added no initial sort info to any field, so grid's data...
  18. If you call the reload method, the store will clear its content and refill it with the data provided by your server page. then, after load event of the store, you have to do something like:

  19. are you sure? because i see objects rendered in different ways by this way... is it because ext in some part of the code checks for "isIE" or "isFirefox" or whatelse and draws objects in different...
  20. I think so... otherwise i'm not able to understand the usefullness of the developer tool of safari i've posted as an attachment... have you ever seen that Condor?
  21. Yes Condor, you're right! It fixes the problem. Many thanks.

    I tryed to change your code using "isSafari3" instead of "isSafari", and changing the engine, setting it to version 1 or 2, makes the...
  22. Hi,
    i've found a problem with a window that contains a TabPanel with enableTabScroll options enabled. When resizing the window, the tab strip does not resize correct if i'm reducing the width of the...
  23. if i've understood correctly, you have 2 comboboxes: for example:
    in the first you select the continent (it's just an example). after you have selected the component, the second combo reload his...
  24. well, you must have something like this:

    var storeCombo = new ({

    var combo = new Ext.form.ComboBox ({
    store : storeCombo,
  25. i've tryed it but what i need to do is:
    1) save with an ajax request the new value
    2) reload the store with the new value
    3) in the combobox, select the item that the user have put in

    but every...
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