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  1. Hi, I've been quite a while away from ST2, but the basic paradigm is (or it was) that the Ajax proxy won't use the CORS config unless X-Requested-With is not included in the headers, and for that you...
  2. Enjoy.
  3. Thanks for the info. I look forward to see the chosen solution.
  4. Update:

    Beta 1 still seems to lack this, here's how to implement wildcard for before filters:

    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',

  5. Np. If it does for you please dont' forget to mark it as best answer.
  6. Excellent then, I didn't see your reply while I was posting...
  7. After taking a look, here...

    applyRoutes: function(routes) {
    var app = this instanceof ? this : this.getApplication(),
    router = app.getRouter(),
  8. Yeah, I mean it should work, but not within the Router class where after "redirectTo" gets called, the part where "action.getController()" exists, it returns the last dot-delimited part only.
  9. Hi team:

    Why isn't it possible to use namespaces to have sub-folders inside controllers and views in order to structure the application?

    controller/Products.js -> 'MyApp.controller.Products OK...
  10. I exactly needed this today, and I ended up simply extending the Store:

    config: {
    model: 'Blah.model.Event',
    groupTpl: '<div><div>{0}</div><div>{1}</div></div>',
  11. I told you above, the Kitchen Sink app is included in the SDK, and you should look into its source code.
  12. You can define it where you feel more appropriate, but I like to keep consistent with the default location: /app/app.js
    So you would need to include a minimum of two JS files in your index.html,...
  13. Check out Kitchen Sink, it will give you an understanding of how everything ties together ;)
  14. Unfortunately seems like the code samples for are not in the docs after PR4, but they will be. It's simple thought, but what you asked is a very broad question, you might want a...
  15. Ah, and about the example. I think you could make it work this way: From the controller use the "control" config property to assign a "keyup" event that is delegated from the form component to the...
  16. Hi,
    Allow me to clarify a few things:

    First off the perception of Models in ST is probably different to what you are used to, in ST models are only Data Models, and not Business Models, so all...
  17. Kudos to that, yeah it should be an easy fix. I'll work on it shortly as well.

    Well, in case somebody else needs this here's a work-around for PR4:

    // @class
  18. Hi guys, simple question:

    I wonder if the config
    before: {"*": "authenticate"} as is in the Mail app example doesn't work, or maybe I am jsut doing something wrong.
  19. Good point, I also found out that background images perform way better than css3 gradients, this is another key. Do you know Mitchell why are we forced to use translate3d and not a simple overflow:...
  20. Hi,

    Scrollers are very quirky on Android.

    As I am going through the end of our app development with ST2, I realized how slow the app really is on Android devices. We are testing in a 2 year old...
  21. True that. But that's not question. Now that you guys know what I mentioned above my job is done :)
  22. Ok, but perhaps using JsonStorage defaults to ajax and it probably shouldn't, since AbstractStore does not nor Store itself. This, at the very least, leads to confusion.

    In any case, I am forced...
  23. // Product Model
    Ext.define('Product', {
    fields: [
    {name: 'pid', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'name', type: 'string'}
    associations: [{
    type: 'belongsTo',
  24. Replies
    Alright, so in order to use it on my project I have made a few modifications that allow to set up the sourceStore later, not being forced to assign one when defining the filtered store necessarily....

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0PR3
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