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  1. Workaround:

    getMyGrid().down('pagingtoolbar').moveFirst(); // hack
  2. Case:
    I have a store, a grid and a paging toolbar. Both attached to same store. Navigate using paging toolbar for any page greater than 1. Then call

    getMyStore().load({ start: 0, page: 1 });...
  3. I have a grouping feature on a grid with grouping by 'groupdate' column. The store is configured to use 'simpleSortMode: true'.

    So, when the grouping is enabled and I'm trying to sort grid by...
  4. When using 'Ext.grid.feature.Grouping' with 'enableGroupingMenu: false' config parameter there is an error in ext-all-debug.js at line 79141 when toggling grouping feature enable/disable. The error...
  5. Replies
    When using russian localization, grid message "Loading..." appears instead of "Загрузка...".
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