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  1. Thanks but I found the problem. I had defined...

    Thanks but I found the problem. I had defined self:this, which in the context was the window, not the object itself.
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    Problem has gone away

    This problem no longer exists. Not sure whether it was an Extjs update or an IE update that fixed it, but we no longer see the problem.
  3. Problems extending a class that extends another class

    I have created a custom histogram class, which is very generic. I extended it to create a timeline class which is more specific to my application (the bars represent months). So I have something...
  4. Please post your JSON

    Perhaps the JSON is not correctly formatted. You could post it here for us to see. Is there a "rows" object that contains the other fields? I ask because the other variable names are in French and...
  5. Select local or remote sort depending on data size

    I load an infinite scrolling grid using store.guaranteeRange(). Sometime, depending on the number of results from my search, all the results will be returned. Sometimes only the first part will be...
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    I was hoping somebody would recognize the...

    I was hoping somebody would recognize the problem. I've been trying to produce a simple example but I only see the issue when I'm using a REST service (with infinite grid). It is very consistent -...
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    Problem with grid in IE

    Using Extjs 4.1.0 gpl. My grid works fine in Firefox. But in IE 8, the column headers are correctly positioned but the columns of data are moved to the right with a huge space to the left of them....
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