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  1. I read this document already. Create new project and set project name and solution name different then you will see project's assembly name is stays ExtApplication.
  2. There is not a build or compile instructions in this document.
  3. Hi,

    I tried build ExtApplication but either debug or release not build ext application it builds only .NET part. I also tried publish option it builds .NET part and copies Sencha folder to publish...
  4. Hi,

    I just created new project and i set solution name and project name different. But when project created my project name and assembly name is different. For example my project name is Project1...
  5. It is confusing because result is looks like [undefined × 5] in chrome dev tools :)Thank you.
  6. Hi,

    When i query a store, result is array of undefineds. For example if there are three object in query result when i look at result, there are three undefined object.
    If i print result to...
  7. My fault. SDK folder was wrong. When i select a project's ext folder it crashes Visual Studio. When i select proper SDK folder it works.
  8. Thanks, first problem is fixed. What about clicking mask area while window moving?
  9. Generating sencha application...

  10. I just installed VS plugin and created a project but after 15 seconds it gives an error and restart VS.

    Visual Studio Stopped Working

    Win7 x64
    Visual Studio 2015 Professional
    Sencha CMD...
  11. Hi,

    I don't know ExtJS supports animated modal window or not but I give it a try.

    When window starts to show it is visible on the center of the screen then animation starts. Also when you are...
  12. Ok. I clicked first grid and store created with remote filters but it doesn't automatically load. But when i click second row it starts working even autoLoad is false and loading store. Is this...
  13. When i click first grid, all bound parameters are present but second grid won't load. If this behaviour's reason is autoLoad property, why it is working when i continue clicking other rows even...
  14. ExtJS 5.1.1-20150107 Nightly Build

    1.Select a row on first grid. (second grid not triggered)
    2.Select other row on first grid. (second grid triggered)

    Bonus: Double click between two columns....
  15. ExtJS 5.1.1-20150107 Nightly Build

    1.Select a row on first grid. (second grid not triggered)
    2.Select other row on first grid. (second grid triggered)

    Bonus: Double click between two columns....
  16. Replies

    Actually i am not using load method for loading. I am using bind feature and load action is automatically triggered.
  17. Replies
    I have a textbox bound to grid's selection. Selection property always keeps last selected record even there is not a selected row. Also textbox keeps last selected record.

    1.Click show selection....
  18. First time the problem was proxy but when i investigate more i found the real problem. My models extends my base model and i forgot requiring my base model. But later i got same error again. This...
  19. Is there a workaround or fix for this bug? We really need this feature. I can open a ticket if it is necessary.
  20. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39.0.2171.95

    Builded application gives "/.js" nameless file not found 404 error because there is a...
  21. Yes i agree but must be an easy way of finding this issues.

    If framework not tell me which class is missing, how can i know this? I spent one work day for solve this problem.

    Should i write...
  22. I investigated the compiled app.js file and found this:

    app.js file trying to create rest proxy object by "" alias but can't convert its name to class name because class list doesn't...
  23. This files must be copy to build folder. If i configure it this way these files not copied to build folder.

    Actually i can't find a good way to integrate third party js files.

    My working...
  24. I have already requires config in my files.

    I investigated script in index.html. Script finds the script tags in index.html and then looks at the src property. Then loads the files. But there is a...
  25. Hi,

    Successfully builded 5.1 application not working. Development site is working normally but builded index.html trying to load /.js nameless file and gives 404 error. How can I find the problem?...
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