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  1. @evant I am running and does not seem to be supported. Do you know if this was ever supported in any future version?
  2. =D> would never have guessed this... many thanks.
  3. Looks like this is still present in the latest 4.xx build. Did anyone come up with a workaround?
  4. ... I hope you aren't speaking from experience! /:)
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    When setting a column width, the filterbar field for that column is not being initially rendered. However, flexes work fine.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem (and got a possible...
  6. I had the same issue with a 4.1.1 build and solved it by changing the ext import path from:

    ext-4.1.1/ext.js (obviously, make sure you've got the script at this path!)
  7. I had the same behaviour and solved it by moving store references out of the app.js and into their own controller.
    Declare this new controller in the application config to include the stores.
  8. I resolved this issue on iOS by setting the element width after the hide/show.


    Notice here that the width is 25 pixels (1 pixel more than the 24...
  9. I have a simple hbox layout containing buttons for a media player.

    xtype: 'container',
    layout: 'hbox',
    ref: 'buttonsSet',
  10. I would be interested to know what the result of this was as I am facing a similar issue. ~o)
  11. Looks like the page visit tracker is broken - I just went directly to the file in the URL:
  12. how you mean? I consider Chris_S response a full solution to the problem.
  13. Thanks Chris_S. Neat override solution. :)
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    Thanks for your guidance Condor, it is a good approach to solving this issue.

    I'm sure this is a common problem, so here's I resolved it:

    Added the override as below:
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    Is it possible for the loadMsg to be positioned near the top of the loadMask, instead of center aligned?

    How so?

  16. Animal's two posts are all the information you need.

    1. call getBottomToolbar() on the Element containing the paging toolbar
    2. Math.ceil((t.cursor + t.pageSize) / t.pageSize); - where t is the...
  17. When a browser resize occurs, content within this form panel disappears. If I collapse the panel and re-expand it the description fieldset is now visible but the inner panel content is still not...

    The viewReady event works beautifully! Thank you, Animal.
  19. After the render of an EditorGridPanel, I want to expand the single group if there is only one group and collapse all the groups if there is more than one group.

    Namespace.PersonGridPanel = new...
  20. Only works for modal windows, of course.
    How would you suggest the same functionality for a non-modal window?
  21. This code will scroll the appropriate record into view on the MonthsGrid for a split second and then the scrollbar will snap back to the top - taking the record out of view.

    The following code is...
  22. Thank you! Solved the same problem which I was having.
  23. Don't know if it will help your situation, but I just removed the args to make it work on IE8.

  24. I was having a similar issue with my application and it was driving me crazy! This solution worked a treat - many thanks!
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