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  1. it is horrible indeed. We are testing the new beta (ST 2.1) but likely will wait for a general availability release before proceeding, hoping the bug will be fixed. Then again, I'll play around with...
  2. and yes, we are using custom reader and a custom proxy.
  3. I actually solved this by "hacking" a bit. Basically I created a null reader, as in (and same for proxy) - simply extending these on the core functionality. Got it all working...
  4. I'm getting the same thing. Nothing custom with folder paths here though. SDK version, Sencha Touch 2.1 beta.
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    Got it fixed. Had to replace a line in touch/src/scroll/scroller/Infinite.js:

    line 5 used to be:

    extend: 'Ext.scroll.scroller.CssPosition',

    but I replaced it to be:

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    Same thing happening here. Using the latest SDK ( and latest Sencha Touch 2.1 beta, I get this when trying to compile:

    [ERROR] Failed to resolve dependency...
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