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  1. User Ext JS 4 foundation not Ext JS 4 core with Sencha Touch. Make sure you include Sencha Touch first.
  2. Thanks for the work around. I have this same bug.
  3. Just include Ext JS 4 core with Sencha Touch and you should be fine. That way you can use Ext.define to extend Sencha Touch objects and create your won custom objects. I have not come across any...
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    I think it is very important that Sencha get the touch API working on Firefox. Firefox is the best mobile browser for the Android OS and I am sure it will become true for the Windows 7 phones as...
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    The only way to get websockets to work in a mobile web application with sencha touch is with firefox. Firefox 4 mobile is the best mobile browser for the android. Sencha should support and android...
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    I have integrated several frameworks to create a real time secure platform. I noticed that Ext 4 will support web sockets but as to how I have not found any information yet. How do I get more...
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    don't use center tag anymore it is going away user style="text-align:center;"
  8. I am working with Netbeans and Grails. I can't get code completion to work with ExtJS in external JavaScript files or gsp files. If I create a standard Java Web Project it works. It even works with...
  9. Can you please explain how the new paging works. I get an uncaught exception error when ever I try to extend a GridPanel that has a PagingToolbar. My last try was to use the following code.
  10. The bug does not occur if you use my code. What happens is when you do Ext.getCmp("form_id").getFrom().submit(); the data submitted only contains the display text and not the id text. If you use 2...
  11. <script type="text/javascript">
    <%= render :partial => "/extjs_widgets/itemselect.js" %>
    <%= render :partial => "/extjs_widgets/multiselect.js" %>

    var restricted_controllers = new...
  12. it is not a bug you are using the code wrong here is my code that works

    <script type="text/javascript">
    <%= render :partial => "/extjs_widgets/itemselect.js" %>
    <%= render :partial =>...
  13. The problem is not in widget but in the way people are using the widget. You need to have 2 data stores one for each multiselect. Here is my code that works without having to change the code of the...
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    This is better. Try to use what built in helpers you can. If you want to post this as an opensource project I would love to help. I don't know how RJS could help here. I think the EXT does all the...
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