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  1. Figured out why this was happening. The debug option was set to 'true' in the jsb3 file by default. After I changed this to 'false', i had this issue resolved on mac.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Mitchell. In that case is it a bug that on Mac SDK? These lines are not removed when I use SDK to build for production.

    As I mentioned earlier, the SDK works fine on...
  3. Roy,

    Thanks for your quick action on this.

  4. Hi,

    I have seem some strange issue while packaging the app using the SDK.

    There are a few lines of code in the source which is encompassed in the tag '<debug error>' for eg. ...
  5. Nice work. Quite useful. We are planning to use it. However, I have one question

    The function 'setMaskSize' is called only the mask is visible (tapMask == true). The issue with this is that we...
  6. Hi,

    In our application, one of the screens has a completely different layout for portrait and landscape modes. So, we are redrawing the components as per the visual design in 'orientationchange'...
  7. We are getting this error intermittently but consistently (say 5 out of 10 times). On closer observation, i found that the piece of code under Ext.Viewport.Ios, maximize function (below). In that,...
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    Found a strange issue in Blackberry Torch. We have a toolbar with two images. One is docked 'right' another is docked 'left'.

    The tap event on the image docked 'right' is pretty consistent
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    Hi Tommy,

    3 questions on this

    1. We have observed (through the developer tools on Chrome and Safari) that in our application, as soon as we create a store with data, the memory usage goes up by...
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    We have observed high memory consumption by the applications when run on devices like iPhone (4) and Andorid (Samsung Galaxy).

    Even a simplest of the applications (code below) takes upwards of 15...
  11. I tried some of the Kitchen Sink example and it works fine on Blackberry Torch & Blackberry Curve 9360 Os 7

    I have a sample program on carousel and that worked fine too.

    I used Sencha Touch 2...
  12. Did you put your associations under config:{} ? Does the associationKey match the Jason string's key?

    You could try the following. With this, you should be getting <yourstore>.first().Items...
  13. Yes, I got it working. The trick was the 'associationKey' config is mandatory for the associations to work from ST2 Beta onwards. So we re-factored our models by adding 'associationKey' .

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    Attached are the index.html and the app.js

    As said earlier, this fails only in android. Android phone gives the following error:
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined
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    We are struggling for 6th day now with a similar problem.

    When destroying a carousel, we get an error that looks like below (this is from try-catch block). We tried <component>.destroy() and...
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    JS builder & SDK tools tutorial helps understand how to build jsb3 file and app-all.js files. But what I am struggling with is once I get these files, what all is required to be deployed in a...
  17. Me too struggled with the same exact error. This seems to be only on Windows. I tried doing the same on a mac, it worked well.
  18. Does Sencha Touch 2 apps run on a non-touch device like a BB Curve? Do the examples that come with ST2 work on BB Curve?

    If yes, how would the gestures like swipe, doubletap etc. would work?
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    Thanks for your feedback. I had realized that and have updated the code to have a all-inclusive class that extends carousel. Updated code is below. Please provide your feedback. Do you foresee any...
  20. Can I have the code that was working on ST2PR3? We have a need to show lists of large size (100-500). I can spend some time in changing the code to work on ST2RC.
  21. Hi,

    Do you have a Sencha Touch 2 implementation of this?

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    I have implemented a simple infinite carousel. This is an implementation by setting a listener to 'activeitemchange'. Attached is the code. Unzip the contents to root of Sencha directory and run. I...
  23. Yes, we are using SASS to compile our own css. Any changes in that that we need to be aware of?
  24. We have observed that the text fields don't have the proper clear icon. When start typing in the text field a circular icon comes to the right clciking on which the text gets cleared.

    This icon...
  25. Carousel swipe animation is very slow & choppy on mobile phones. This happens only when you start the browser, and launch the app by typing in the app URL.

    If you create a home page bookmark and...
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