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  1. I am using Container to hold all the control instead of form , because a container perform much more faster compare to form , correct me if I were wrong , but than is than any equivalent function...
  2. Hi guys,

    i am using Store.sync() to call my backend page .

    i am use c# as the backend

    i tried with 'rstore.aspx?m=StoreSync&store=' + store , but i am getting undefined in my backend page....
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    hi Zdeno , it show Null when the tab is not active , deferredRender help to solve this .

    Thanks for your help.
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    Hi guys, i have a tab child with the following items

    items: [{
    title: '<div id="divDetail" <span style="padding-top:4px;">User Details</span></div>',
  5. Hi Guy,

    When i try to overwrite my DOM i am getting the error
    el.removeChild(el.firstChild); ,
    when debug i found the Ext,getDom(el) is returning null . i use firebug to inspect and there is...
  6. Hi guy,

    Ext.ux.plugins.NewCombo is a plugin for ExtJS 3 , does anyone know similar plugin for extjs 4 ?

    this plugin allow to add new combo box items by clicking a + icon beside the combo box
  7. Hi Guy ,

    I read several post and article about this , and most of it not recommend to use component query with itemID instead of Ext.getCmp and id's .

    i just want to know more about the...
  8. Hi guys,

    i have a combo box that will trigger and change the type of data in a grid with paging .
    and everytime i change my combobox value it will run the following part of codes.

    listeners:{ ...
  9. Hi ,

    i have a number field i set the decimalPrecision to 2 ,

    the problem i facing is , when i set the value to 19.99 it is correct , but when i set it to 19.90 it will become 19.9 , may i know...
  10. Thank you scott

    i try with your example.
  11. Hi guy,

    i am using the plugin roweditor for my grid , my grid are able to show the displayField , but when i click to activate the roweditor , it will show the valueField in the editor combo box ....
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    Hi Guys ,

    i want to SUM up 2 number field value by using '+' , but what i get is concat of 2 numberfield string.

    i try with .getRawValue , .getValue and value , but non of them can give me the...
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    i try bfore with change event but , i am not sure why it is not firing
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    Hi Guy ,

    any on click equivalent function for radio field ??

    Thank you
  15. Thanks malstroem
  16. Hi guy ,

    i have a textfield with emptyText , the problem is when i do not enter a value , the emptyText will be submit together , i though the emptyText is just for displaying purpose .

    May i...
  17. Thx scott
  18. Hi guys,

    i have several root of json , my backend already succesful return all the root , but the problem is how do i call it in the front end.

    for example . rootStudent , rootTeacher and...
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    Thank you very much will , it works
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    Hi All , How do i set a single grid cell font color base on certain criteria .

    My Code:

    xtype: 'grid', id: 'Grid',
    title: 'Student',
  21. Hi Scott ,

    Syntax error like

    missing } after property list
  22. Hi guy , any idea why firebug is not showing any syntax error for ext 4.1 ,

    when i switch to 4.0 it can show , do i need included any extra library for Ext 4.1 ?

    and i found out that when ever...
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    Hi ,

    i am getting blank page when i use ext4.1. i included the library in this way since ext 3, in is ext-base

    <script type="text/javascript" src="Ext4.1/bootstrap.js"></script>
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    Ext.onReady(function() {
    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
    id : 'win',
    width: 500,
    height: 475,
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    hi vietits,

    thank you for your suggestion , but how do i implement this for different fieldset, for example i have 2 fieldset.

    i try tou use your override , but some how it only targeted the...
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