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  1. it works outside of messagebox handler, but if to return false from messagebox handler - it doesn't
  2. yes, but it doesn't work that way ... that is question!
  3. ok, what if user presses No button?
  4. suppose after pressing yes button i want to cancel selection, how can i do that? if i return false after i check yes button it doesn't work, treegrid revices nothing(that means that row can be...
  5. yes, sure

    'treepanel[id="my-tree"]': {
    beforeselect: function(view, record, index, options) {
    var check =...
  6. I'm facing a problem that i need to ask user for an action when he switches from node to node on treegrid, i'm using beforeselect event within controller and Ext.MessageBox.confirm, so after user...
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