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  1. It is probably because of scrollable:true in my viewport.
    I set it to false ,it's work ok.
    There are left menus based on accordition on viewport's west.
  2. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39.0.2171.99 m
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  3. same problem. The architect always can not find jre.when update to, It's can not find cmd tools . but in about page ,it shows "cmd:". so many bugs.
  4. We can add initialize function to do that. It's more operation than set the value of config directly.
    I hope the Architect tools let the work easier
  5. Can not set default value for by Architect 3.X

    I want set new Date() to datepickerfield's value by Architect 3.X, But i cannot do that.:-?

    The Architect auto create code such as value: 'new...
  6. How to make Ext.ux.TreePicker can be multiselected?

    I find a comboTree,but i don't like it.
  7. If i changed a view's ClassName,Application cannot auto remove it from views property.
    Architect just add a new view in views property.
  8. I am using rails 4.0.3. I set it to output ISO-8601 date,but it only show y,m,d. not H,i,s.
    This is my data :


    I don't know why the data
  9. entire trial package.
    2.import sencha-touch-grid.aux to archtect 3.X
    3.The grid column is

    xtype: 'datecolumn',
    width: 150,
  10. My Touch is 2.3.x
    My grid is trial, Ext.grid.column.Date cannot show datetime,only show Y-m-d, I don't why. Thanks!
  11. Great! Thank you very much!
  12. I wish Architect work as Eclipse or Intellij。 I have a question, how to let my co-worker find it in his workspace if i submit the change to subversion? Must we use the same *.xds file? thanks.
  13. I get a view.js from another project and copy it to my app\view content. How to let my Architect3 find it?

    I open my Architect3, it can not show it in its project inspector. thanks. :-?
  14. How to call Ajax page in tabpanel? I can use loader in Extjs 4,can not in touch 2X.

    In Extjs4X,we can use loader: {
    autoLoad: true,
  15. My codes work ok in 4.0.7

    The code you giving me just has one div element. but my codes have many div,i think it's different.
  16. it is in 4.1.0RC2,sorry.
  17. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 11 (Windows)

  18. In Extjs 4.0.7
    listConfig: {
    getInnerTpl: function() {
    return '<div style="float:left; width:70px">{number}</div><div style="float:left;width:230px">|{name}</div>|...
  19. hello,who can give me a example code for loading data to ext.form.panel.

    in extjs 3.X i can set json reader for formpanel.

    reader: new{
    root: 'root'
  20. Replies
    up! same problem!

    how to do it?
  21. Ext3.3.2 is not fully support IE9 and some new bugs in firefox 4.0

    such as Ext.form.DateField in IE9......
  22. Replies
    ExtJS 3.3.2 not fully support IE9 ......
  23. i load a page include tree's context menu ,it is not work ok ,dump menu content between times.
    but i load a page include grid's context menu,it is work fine.
  24. thank you!!

    But i just make a component in the page be loaded by panel throught "panel.getUpdater().update"
    And i setup panel cache = nocache.
    nocache, nocache option will use old object also?
  25. I do not post it in any other forum.
    oh...... yes, i post it to wrong forum. i don't find last one ,thinking admin delete it for bad format context. so i write a correctly format post.

    But why...
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