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  1. require in app.json & copy grid to my project/packages. sencha app refresh and it works
  2. same here. include it in index.html.
    package build errors when include google map in app.json. st2.2.1
  3. I am encounting the same issue (docked toolbar scrolls up after virtual keyboard shows. it looks ugly). Is there a better solution than umr.ashrf's ?
  4. text: '<div style="text-align:left;">tap me<div>',
  5. it works fine with websocket after I add it to the springboard/homescreen in iOS
    Natively packaged Android app isn't working with websocket.
  6. Thks for your kind reply
    How to add the browser version to your home springboard?
  7. In my project websocket is used for chatting. It works fine running in browsers(safari,chrome). but after natively packaged using Phonegap, websocket failed with error: 'an't create socket).
  8. did anyone encounter this problem?
  9. In Sencha Touch 2.1, spinnerfield functions innormally, when being clicked on +/-, increase/descrease its value by 0.1 whatever increment is set (for example,increment: 2).
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