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  1. Good news !
    Thank you ;)
  2. Yes we need !!!
  3. Hello,

    I still search a solution for this problem.
    Does somebody have any suggestion?

    Thank You
  4. Hello,

    I have the same problem too.
    Someone has the solution?

    Thank you very much for your Help !!
  5. I have the same problem.
    The name picklist is shown correctly, but the selections is not updated with the value(s) of the target field.

    I would like a loading of data coming from target Field
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    Do you know if we are the possibilities to manage multiple attachments in only one document (with one and several richtext item) without saving each attachment in one separate document?
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    I'm a user of ExtNd beta 3
    I've the same problem!
    Someone has the good solution to display the result of the search???

    Thank you very much

    Have a good we!
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    still hope that the API documentation for the actual Beta for Ext.nd arrives ASAP.
    Please, Please !!!

    Thank you
  9. Multi Expand Categorized View doesnt work correctly:
    1 - When i expand a category, the icon "+" still stay "+" et doesnt transform into "-"
    2 - When i expand all, the icon "-" appears but at this...
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