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  1. Thanks for the code, based on the other columns I think it might look more like this, so as not to call ext.apply more than once. (it is called again it the superclass)

    constructor :...
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    Just a Reminder that you need a destroy method in Ext JS 3.3.

    Example Code: Fix by adding the destroy method to the plugin:

    destroy: function() {
  3. I got my tooltips working. They were having the same problem on all browsers:

    var tip = new Ext.ToolTip({
    // width:250,
    boxMinWidth: 250,
  4. I'm also having this problem in the released 3.3.0

    I have the issue when I add textfields to tooltips.

    My tooltip has a layout of form, and the textfield is set to anchor 100%
  5. We are having the same problem, the annoying part is that the value is so small that it doesn't create anything large enough to register a mouseover for. A log scale after the min an max are too...
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    I can repro it in Opera, Firefox and Chrome

    When you click one of the gear tools, you can see the joint above the mask, and if drag the window to the joint and release, the joint will be on top of...
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    Even with the patch you will get the error in Firefox 3.0.x when you move your mouse back and forth over a trigger field. Which the team knows about and nobody has a solution for.(other than...
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    What version of Ext JS are you using? In 3.0.3 we've been having all sorts of problems when destroying our charts.

    Every once in a while the chart is being passed a refresh boolean during removal....
  9. We have now logged it as a bug in Firefox:
  10. Bump, this hasn't been tagged yet. (INFOREQ/OPEN/CLOSED/FIXED)

    Just wanting to make sure it doesn't slip through the cracks.
  11. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.2

    Adapter used:

  12. Now all trigger buttons throw errors for Firefox 3.0.x using Ext 3.0.2

    Using firefox 3.0.14 without firebug installed and Ext 3.0.2, if I whip my mouse fast over any trigger buttons I start...
  13. Looks like it is a Firefox issue, somehow it's avoided in Ext 2.

    According to , responses without Content-Types should default to the text/xml content type....
  14. Hmm, Firebug does not seem to show the error, but the error is still in the builtin firefox console Tools->Error Console

    Very odd...

    I would argue that it is a firefox issue, but I have no...

    The PUT example will not throw an error because I have set it to return a blank string. (Just like your PHP example)

    If you are able to look at the response...
  16. Should I repost as a new bug, as the doesn't occur when no entity is returned, it happens when no content type is set?
  17. EDIT: I will see if the media type changes things.

    I had just assumed it was a Bug when it works fine in Ext 2

    Nope, I still get the error, on multiple computers using the restlet server.
  18. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.1 Release

    Adapter used:

  19. Having the same problem with both Safari 4 and Chrome on linux and windows.

    Happens after a fieldset is set collapsed on render, AND when fieldsets are arranged withing a panel with a column...
  20. I seem to have the same issue, but a little more noticable, my modal window is being rendered to a tab panel. When I show the window, the tab panel is masked, as intended, but v and h scrollbars are...
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