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  1. This problem is still present in the now-beta-promoted v43.x
  2. Thank you for this solution jweber. Works perfectly.

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    It's not that simple. It depends on what you mean by "first os". The stats are all over the place, in such a way that both Android and iOS are equally important. If you're developing a web-based app,...
  4. I would also agree, while Android is lacking, iOS and BB10 so far having amazing HTML5 performance. Hopefully Google steps up its game this year.
  5. Hi, I noticed the documents for 2.1 now say Sencha Touch 2.1.1. But I can't find where to download this, it's not even in the support site for premium members. Where do we get it?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to access the console for Chrome in iOS? It seems we have an app that doesn't load in Chrome for iOS, just freezes on load yet works perfect in Safari for iOS....
  7. I still have this problem too, I've tried everything suggested here and lots of other stuff and only the exit animation works.
  8. There's no reason for it to. The Google Maps API already does this, duplicating the code in the Sencha Touch library would be a large waste of memory. All the Google Maps functions work perfectly...
  9. For the Sencha Touch 2.1 version you need Sencha CMD v3, not Sencha SDK v2. Yes, this is slightly confusing.
  10. Your HTML has the curly braces that's used for template parsing but itself is not a Template or XTemplate. If you look up templating you should find what you're looking for.
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    They probably just don't know about this header. I'll see if I can find that part of the docs and add a comment.
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    Actually, you don't need that if you control the server that is giving you access. All that server needs is a header:

    header("Access-Control-Allow-Headers: x-requested-with"); //PHP...
  13. One workaround is to disable the apple-mobile-webapp-capabile meta tag, but I can't see any way to do this in ST2. Any suggestions?
  14. I don't know if this is a Sencha bug or an iOS one, but in iOS 6 when an app is loaded in chromeless/standalone, only one GPS call can be made, all further GPS calls time out or just don't plain...
  15. While true, most users don't know to do this.

    I'm also seeking a solution.
  16. I have this problem too, it basically prevents the app from loading at all in private mode.
  17. Bug is still present in debug file. Loading an app in Mobile Safari sometimes stalls with the error still.
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    The 2.0 documentation still refers to phoneStartupScreen -- no reference to startupImage exists in the docs. Might want to change that.
  19. Hi Cliff,

    CORS actually doesn't have anything to do with the IP of the end-user. It's used to allow (non-JSONP) ajax requests between two different web domains.

    Normally an ajax request is...
  20. I would be careful with using a wildcard (*) with CORS, this makes you vulnerable to XSS attacks. You should specify a site there, or if you need to have multiple sites, use HTTP_ORIGIN (webkit only)...
  21. Sencha Touch does not support desktop browsers outside of Safari and Chrome. It is based on ExtJS, but doesn't contain all the code from ExtJS (if it did, it'd be a memory hog for mobile!)
  22. Wait, we can do this on any webpage out there, but not in Sencha Touch unless we go to a native framework? Why is it disabled? Is there a way to un-disable it?
  23. I've had this problem too, tried the showAnimation and hideAnimation configs but while slide left/right work, up/down never work for a floating panel.
  24. This fix works for me.
  25. I'm getting this too when using some javascript for offline mode that checks if the app manifest changed, then reload the app automatically. When it reloads, it crashes with this error.
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