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  1. you are really friendly flyingmachete, thank you :-)

    you are right, a lot for me to read :-)

    your demo link doesn't work, 404 error page... but a really cool 404 error page, waw :-)

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    any working example of a contact form using sencha and php?

    for example: user fill the form fields, submit the form, if form is incomplete or contains invalid values, sencha display an error...
  3. hi flyingmachete,

    thank you for reply :-)

    i'm not developper, just a girl who wants to learn herself.

    ok, now i understand how to add a marker.

    did you know how can i add a marker...
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    fantastic job :-)

    how do you retrieve the data?

  5. no one can help me or give me some links to find usefull information about how to use google maps wit sencha? :-(
  6. I want to display a Google Map with some markers to display stores locations.

    When user touch any marker on the map a box appears with the name of the store, the address and the phone number.
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