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  1. Hi,

    Thanks, i hear you and i agree. The application i am working on is a ticket/support system where the user might need to see tickets that covers a rather large dataset, even though by default...
  2. Hi!
    What is the preferd method of filtering a grid (or indirectly the store) ?

    I have tried several methods which ends up equal, i.e it filers the grid.

    store.filterBy(function (rec, id)...
  3. Sorry Sorry, this happens one in a while, you post and then a split second just after that you find the answer.
    It was a mal formated json response....the chart does work!
  4. Hi,

    In a MVC app i have a component of a pie chart with a ajax proxy store to retrieve the data. What i would like to do is based on some search criteria update the chart, but no luck by a simple...
  5. Hi,

    So, i am trying to migrate from 4.02 to 4.1rc2. It seems to works smooth until the form get rendered, it seems that form fields, especially field set apply totally wrong css, they get the...
  6. Turns out that i was using the widget wrong. In this case, taking advantage of using the getter that you "get" once you doing a ref in the controller submits the form correctly. Thus simply using:
  7. Hi,

    I dont know where it goes but i have a formpanel

    Ext.define('mvc.view.user.List' ,{
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    alias : 'widget.cpanel',
    name: 'cpanel',
  8. Hi Anticom,

    I am sure there are many security/js experts around here.

    First have a look on the ext form examples and tutorials, it is a good start to make client-login UI and logic very easy....
  9. skirtle,
    Great advice! I tried the B2 and it works!! And like you said it wraps the component and doesnt affect other classes (other than the one you mentioned)

    Also many thanks for the...
  10. Hi Skirtle,

    Thanks for your answer, make sense indeed. Can you just please help me out on the x-reset class using the scoped css.

    I looked at your page where you have a div with...
  11. Hi,

    Mabey this is basic, i dont know. One of the great thing with ext is its UI (which make sense on some sorts of apps). One of the drawback is its UI (which i can fully understand since there is...
  12. Replies

    I echo this request, the scoped version in latest beta1 doesnt work at all with the config given (ie buildparams)
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined

    When adding...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks,yes i know i read it.But I fail to see how that is different from my code ?

    The 'value1' in the api docs is equal to to my string.

    --it is...
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    I have problems setting (check) the value (inputValue) on the correct checkbox in a group in a formpanel upon load.

    Basically,just add a item to the form (inside a fieldset):

  15. See:

    The added row is occuring when using the Flex property in the column and the grid needs...
  16. Hi Jack,

    Any chance you have tested it and what might be the issue ?
  17. Hi,

    So i guess this is not a bug then and no reason to fill in a bug report ?
    It must be something with my layout code then i guess.But then can a moderator move this thread to the help forum ?...
  18. I dont know why no one replay.

    Anyway,for me in 4.0.2a this is a real problem. Here is another viewport code (from the complex.html sample).

    Clicking on "search ticket" and then the "reload"...
  19. Hi,

    Can anyone try to see if this is a bug or something with the code ? Simply copy and paste it into a existing js in examples folder (xml-grid.js for instance).

    Upon resizing the westpanel...
  20. There is certainly something fishy going on with the grids,and have been so in all 4.0.X version. I am using store.load with params many times to do server side filtering and sometimes the...
  21. Has no one a viewport with a west panel that has
    1)a grid
    2)a panel (for preview for instance)


    Then how on earth did you manage to get so that the vertical scrollbar always appears and...
  22. Hi,

    I have a livesearch gridpanel embedded into a panel which resides on West in a viewport:

    var idpanelwest = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    id: 'westpanelsum',
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    Has anyone any better idea on how to declare and fire custom events in a non MVC app that bubbles up to any top container (in my example i was using a class (which fires the first event) as...
  24. Perfect,this one is much much faster in my tests (nested formpanel with many fieldsets) as well.I haven't compared to previous extjs. Very good Sencha,way to go!:)

    Now i will try to explore it...
  25. I never managed to do this with in the end used the bodyStyle and set it as overflow.
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