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  1. Are there any improvements added to Ext JS 4.1.3 to resolve the infinite scrolling grid with CheckboxModel?

    Is the solution suggested by jump23 (Big Thanks!) a best way to go about it at this...
  2. Additional scenario:

    Ext JS 4.1.3

    If the initial number of columns is 1, the additional items in the chart store makes the whole chart disappears completely.

    The chart would redraw with...
  3. Thank you @evant, that's good enough.
    The difference from what I've tried earlier and what you suggested was that I was going through Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced - Printing instead of...
  4. Is there a suggested workaround for this?
  5. Hi,

    I thought it was a problem with my slider, but I decided to try and print out the sample page with the slider and I see the same behavior. The image of the slider and the slider tick does not...
  6. Is there another place we should look for the updated use of invalidateScrollerOnRefresh or another solution for this problem, other than ?
  7. My first forum hello to all of you brilliant people,

    I have been looking for a way to word wrap my yAxis CategoryAxis of the stackedbarchart. The labels are very long but they need to be...
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