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  1. Hey there,

    I already compiled all the steps in a step-by-step format here:

    And on some of the threads here. So users don't have to follow a handful of PDF's...
  2. And please don't forget to mark this asanswerred
  3. And after a good nights sleep, the steps.


    Step 1: 1 week : Create a vendor account at
    Step 2: 1-2 days : Signup at...
  4. Here we go

    That should fast track a few people
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    Guidance : don't create 15 threads on the subject. its disrespectful and rude.
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    Good for you.
  7. That's good for you. No one has to give you anything. They can refuse to give you a device for no reason without even telling you (its in the agreement).

    Personally, I would not be so demanding...
  8. Of course not.

    You are awarded a Dev Alpha B to ensure your sencha app stays running on BB10. This is to help you develop. There will be no trading up. Out of curiosity why would you think there...
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    No as well

    You will only get a Dev Alpha B intended to maintain your sencha applications. And an architect license. Nothing else.

    No q10. No dev C. No iPad. No LE. No z10. Nothing you can...
  10. There isn't one

    These programs usually require development knowledge and working knowledge of blackberry batch files
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    Of course not
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    Yes, but not all accounts have it enabled. At least one developer in OSBB still has separate BBID and Vendor accounts.

    With that said, just use your vendor email address.
  13. No problem,

    I haven't finished my application yet. *BUT* I asked some of the other OSBB boys and girls how they got Sencha working.

    You need to take your package from Architect and compile...
  14. correction:

    The above only works if you have a shorter path. Sencha command line seems to muddle a little esily and does not update its paths unless you close and restart sencha.

    As a...
  15. Update: i see this error on win 7 + 8 + 8.1

    [ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExNotFound: Failed to detect ruby
    [ERR] Total time: 2 seconds
  16. Ah it was ruby 1.9.3

    Ruby 1.9.3-p448
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    Use your appworld ID login email address for the second box.

    Back in the day you used to have two ID's. Although I am sure your right, our vendor email wont help sencha team much later during...
  18. nevermind,

    It looks like sencha needs a bunch of packages installed and seeking different install methods and locations on the system.

    For future folks download and install SechaCmd - it will...
  19. Hi,

    So downloaded architect and built my first Sencha app.

    I can manually build the release from the command line and bypassing Sencha.

    However, from inside semcha, the only platforms I see...
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