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  1. Oh, I see, there is some magic in the ComboBox, that converts a hash passed in 'store' config to an instance of Store. I did not know that, thought it's my job to pass a Store.

    This way I can use...
  2. You are right I accidently used the same store. Thank you.

    That is because I have the combobox in a panel together with some more elements all wrapped in a class and I am probably not using the...
  3. Hallo.

    I have comboboxes, that allow the user to enter towns, there are too many towns so I use queryMode remote and as the user types, the combo gets loaded.

    The problem: when I have multiple...
  4. I needed combos to automaticaly expand when used as field editors in a grid with cell editing.

    I tried to call combo.expand() on focus.

    Problem: focus is not called when navigating using...
  5. I don't have svn access, but the code in ExtJS 3.2.1 is still wrong! The fix applied is broken. Don't you test at all?

    // private
    assertValue : function(){
    var val =...
  6. Hallo, any progress here?

    I am considering buying a licence but my working environment is ubuntu 9.04 and cannot upgrade atm :-(


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