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  1. Portal

    Well, i am working with a portal example and i have made a few mods to it, so i really need the viewport into a div to keep all visible, you say that i have to work with a panel ?
  2. its possible send the viewport output to a div?

    I want to use a viewport into a div , not covering all the page content. (i.e: leaving a header) it is possible?

    Sorry about my english is not my native language.
  3. Maximize from the clicked panel

    Well, if someone wants the same thing as me, maximize animation from the panel clicked, change this line :;

    for this line :;

  4. Improvement

    Hi, very good plugin, but i need one little improvement, and maybe is a little setting , i want to animate the maximizing window from the panel clicked.
    Now the window comes from the upper left...
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