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  1. Add Event Listener to Component Before it is Rendered?

    Hey all, I'm hoping someone can help me think outside of the box here. I have to attach an event listener to an Ext component the least invasive way possible. Basically we have have a COTS product...
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    Thanks Droessner. That fixed the drop down menu,...

    Thanks Droessner. That fixed the drop down menu, but now the arrows on the collapsible panes are white. I assume they are being covered by the blank image, but it's only 1 px X 1 px (just like the...
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    Missing images in Toolbar Menu

    Hello all, I'm using ExtJS 4.1.1 and I have a toolbar with a drop down menu (defined as tbar within the Viewport). When I run my code on a network that doesn't have internet access I get these...
  4. [FIXED] Oops, sorry, wrong thread :">

    Oops, sorry, wrong thread :">
  5. [FIXED] Does anyone know if this fix was applied to 4.1.0...

    Does anyone know if this fix was applied to 4.1.0 Beta-3? I am having this exact problem with 4.0.7 and I rely heavily on the selection model so the above fix isn't fesible for me.

    Any other...
  6. Creating multiple check columns within grid panel

    How would I go about adding two (or potentially more) check box columns into an Ext.grid.Panel each with their own selection models? I am able to this with one fairly easily:

    var layerGrid...
  7. Ext.tree.TreeLoader to call url with a parameter?

    Hi all,

    Here is my dilemma: I have an Ext.tree.TreePanel with a TreeLoader and I want to be able to pass a parameter into the loader so that I can load different trees based on the parameter...
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    Loading Ext.tree.TreePanel question

    Hi all, is it possible to load a TreePanel with a and call store.loadData(data) asynchronously? I have several GridPanels that load data this way and for this one data set I'd like to...
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