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    [OPEN] Hello Evan, Yes, but you have to click again...

    Hello Evan,

    Yes, but you have to click again inside and outside the field

    5 ) click inside the field
    6 ) click outside the field

    Tried on Chrome 35 and Firefox PC/Mac, same issue.
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    [OPEN] Timefield validation error


    In some case, when time field is emptied, there is a validation error even with allowBlank:true
    Use my fiddle to test.

    Set or choose a valid time....
  3. Bug with time fields when value is 00


    Great work ! Thanks.

    I'm using it in a grid cell editor but there is a bug when any time value (H,i, s) is set to "00"

    Here is my js code for the grid column :

  4. [FIXED] 4.1b3 : textfield + email vtype + opera 11 osx : delete key do not work


    A simple little bug...

    Opera 11.61 OSX 10.7

    Open Ext examples : .../examples/form/dynamic.html

    Form 3, textfield with email vtype : the delete key do not work. No action.
  5. [CLOSED] sorry ... you're right ...

    sorry ... you're right ...
  6. [CLOSED] Fields (except textfield ! ) do not accept "@" in id since 4.1b

    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1b1
    Ext 4.1b2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 17 Osx 10.7
    IE 9 Win 7
    FF 9 Win 7
    Safari 5 Osx 10.7
  7. Thanks Mitchell.

    Thanks Mitchell.
  8. Avoid auto IDs ext-genxxx in some part of a page ?


    I'm using TinyMCE to edit some DIVs on demand from a Ext generated page.
    TMCE just take the DIV innerHTML and allow to edit it. And the html code is saved in database.
    But when Ext create...
  9. [4.0.7] Floating panel and Combo DropDown List

    A little bug when using a combo box inside a floating panel...
    An opened combo list do not disappear if you leave the contener floating panel without selecting a value.

    If you leave the panel...
  10. [CLOSED] sorry ...

    Ok... Sorry ... You're right...

    I tested it with IETester on PC, and it seems that IETester overide or intercept some events ...
    Tested on a real IE6 and IE8, everything is OK ...
  11. [CLOSED] Hi Mitchell, Thanks for your answer, but ... ...

    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your answer, but ...

    Could you confirm that you test it with an earlier or final 4.1 version ?

    A test with this simple code and 4.1 public B1 still do not work for...
  12. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Ext.form.field.Text specialkey "enter" do not work on IE6-8


    On IE, before IE9, the specialkey event do not work for key "ENTER".

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'textfield',
    name: 'name',
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    Alpha 3 ?

    Hi Doug.

    No news about alpha 3 ?
    Or maybe an alpha 2b resolving the "hide menu on click in iframe" bug ? :-)

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    Hi Doug, Great work ! A quick test on...

    Hi Doug,

    Great work !

    A quick test on Chrome Mac 12.0.742.100 and a bug report : sometimes, click on Iframe do not dismiss menu.

    To reproduce issue :
    - click on "Other sites", menu is...
  15. To be a little serious, I think of course you're...

    To be a little serious, I think of course you're right in a global approach...

    Coding is like anything else ... several ways to get the same result.
    As I work alone, I use the easiest way...
  16. @Allan With "new RegExp" out of the loop,...


    With "new RegExp" out of the loop, RegExp wins ...

    var value = "10.2";
    var reg = new RegExp('/^[0-9]+.[0-9]{2}$/');

    var start = new Date;
  17. @JanVenekamp : "You might want to take a look at...

    @JanVenekamp : "You might want to take a look at regular expressions."

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    You're right ... but there is a problem ... I HATE regular expressions ! :)

    First, I think...
  18. 4.0.2 Ext.form.field.Number : force decimal precision in string value.


    Here is two (very) simple modifications for "numberfield" prototype.
    For beginners ...

    A new param "forceDecimals", to force formatting of the string value with as many decimals than...
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    Text overflow

    Nice work.

    A quick view in Chrome 12 Mac let me see that tab title overflow ("Normal tab" and "Disabled tab" in third example) add a scroller under text.

    I think you have just to force...
  20. [FIXED] no post, no trap ... :-)

    no post, no trap ... :-)
  21. [FIXED] @Valter I think you misunderstood my post ......

    I think you misunderstood my post ...
    Maybe my poor english ... :-)
    The trouble is precisely that when the field is empty, actually (4.0.2) there is NO post ... like a checkbox or radio...
  22. [FIXED] Ext.form.field.Date do not send post with empty value

    V 4.0.2
    When a "datefield" have empty value, the field is not sent in POST.
    This is not compliant with html standard behavior ...

    So, I think it's a bug.

    In /src/form/field/Date.js, I think...
  23. Thanks. If correct one is "tooltip", in live...


    If correct one is "tooltip", in live doc Ext.panel.Panel> Config options > tools > "Example usage" : option is still "qtip".
    May be just not already updated ...
  24. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2509]4.0.2 Ext.Panel.tool "qtip" string do not work

    There is a bug in panel tool "qtip" option if we use a simple string as param.

    In documentation :
    Ext.panel.Tool > Config options : "tooltip" is mentioned, old param no longer valid.

    In src >...
  25. Populate a combo (remote-store) with a default value

    As said in this thread, since EXT4, there is no way to simply set a default display value (and keep it on trigger click) to a combo with a remote store.
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