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  1. Thread: image problem

    by sviki89

    Focusing xtype: 'image'

    Use the method like this.
    use it in 'afterrender' event under listeners.

  2. Combobox Dropdown values couldn't able to access by up/down arrow, when JAWS is on

    I have developed web application in ExtJS 4.1.0

    For accessibility standpoint, we using JAWS screen reader software

    I ran through JAWS 13.0 software(Screen reader) in IE9

    JAWS screen...
  3. In first combobox after multi selecting the...

    In first combobox after multi selecting the values. I am getting correct values in the console.
    Ex: ["One", "Two"] These are the values i have selected. I need to filter for the second combobox...
  4. Thanks for the reply. Her is the code i have...

    Thanks for the reply. Her is the code i have used.

    onChange: function(combo, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) {
    var first= combo.getValue();
  5. Combobox Filtering based on Multiple Value selection

    There are three comboxes in which i select the first combox(Mandatory), based on selecting first combox it filters the second, after selecting second it filters based on first and second dynamically....
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