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  1. Found out that the xtype was not determinable by...

    Found out that the xtype was not determinable by EXTJS for Radio group's child components.

    Explicitly added the in the Ext.require('') and it started to work fine for the viewport...
  2. The metadata generated by the compile command

    Tried to see if the metadata generator is able to locate the controllers in the application

    sencha compile -classpath=ext-4.1/src,app page -i indexOriginal.jsp -out build/index.jsp and...
  3. First tschortsch. Thanx for your input After long research found that the sencha and

    Thank you tschortsch your input is valid for touch users. we found that only later. We were using EXTJS.

    Like Malliga we also used
    sencha compile -classpath=ext-4.1/src,app page -in index.jsp...
  4. Minified code has errors in Code - whereas unminified code works perfectly

    Actually the post contains 2 questions

    1) The following code snippets when part of the files that are minified using Sencha Cmd's
    Sencha app Build - produces errors

    xtype :...
  5. Confirmed Solution. Separating the 2...

    Confirmed Solution.
    Separating the 2 declarations into files works.
    Make sure you put the BoxSelectField before BoxSelect.

    Already solved & available at ...
  6. Found a similar issue after I moved to a App generated by Sencha Cmd

    Tried to use an Application generated by Sencha generate & replaced with our application for the files
    This when we try to compile it we have a circular reference within the same file

  7. Failed Sencha Compile - Error - com.sencha.exceptions.BasicException

    Our Application has been created using the Sencha generate

    sencha -sdk Downloads/COP/ext-4.1.1a generate app MYAPP CMDWS/MYAPP"

    Our build-impl modified to accomodate index.jsp instead of...
  8. Failed sencha compile - Error - Circular requires reference

    Our index.jsp is this

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<%=request.getContextPath() %>/ext-4.1.1a/resources/css/ext-all-gray.css" media="all">
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"...

  10. How do I build the custom EXT.js for my application including all components

    I have build the all-classes.js & also the app-all.js from the SDK.

    Standard Stuff was simple to do - Thanx Sencha for the SDK tool

    sencha create jsb -v -a...
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