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    Ooups and thanks for posting the updated link !
  2. Hi all,
    TreeStore'session is never invoked when creating/reading records.
    This helps:

    Ext.define('E.overrides.TreeStore', {
    override: '',
  3. Thanks for this answer.
    Agreed, not really a bug, but a serious limitation when working with associations.

    I listed the models involved in this part of the application (all records are...
  4. Hi,
    Populating boundList content (e.g. for combobox) is highly inefficient (4-5s for a list of 20 records) in real life scenario with model associations.
    The culprit seems to be the...
  5. This is what I came out to solve this issue - but the framework should provide a better mechanism for binding record state attributes like 'dirty', 'phantom',...

    with the below override , you...
  6. Any workaround for this ?
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    The provided workaround does not work with record bound to a form
    Here is a series of overrides (5.1 compatible) that makes sure record is sent along during validation.
  8. I may live in a fantasy world, but what about trying to inform investors and board members about what is happening here and drive their attention to serious concerns expressed in this thread.

  9. Honestly, given this recent license policy shift, I doubt further versions of Ext will still include a so-called open source license.

    What would be a good thing though is a fork of the last GPL...
  10. Since sencha's management does not seem to be inclined to dignify the community with an answer, feel free to upvote or comment on ycombinator. This might have a bigger traction than a sencha forum...
  11. Agreed, you'll have to open source your code/app.

    But with this recent policy shift I don't see a lot of other options. We have experienced that licences/prices/commitments can change overnight...
  12. Version 5.0.1 is released under GPL v3, And the codebase is in better shape imho. The two way databinding feature also makes it way more attractive .

    I am really in favor of a fork - what about a...
  13. Hi,
    I want to generate the metadata file (sencha app refresh -> bootstrap.js) for my app specific classes only, excluding all others ext classes.

    Is there a way to do this ?

  14. Thanks for the answer - and please consider this post as resolved.

    It appears that I have a naming conflict with my application mixins.
    Not always easy to debug and port large application to new...
  15. Hi all,
    Applying xtemplates fail when containers have children that use Ext.util.StoreHolder as their binding mixing (e.g. combobox).
    It is due to the fact that this mixin misses the...
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    ok, thanks,
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    Trying the promising new viewModel class here, and cannot find out what I am missing to make model changes automatically being applied to the view.

    In the ticket-app example, I just added a...
  18. I wrote this almost 2 years ago (during 4.1 release):

    Seems that what was felt at that time is still very much the same.

    Whowever at Sencha: there is a community of quality developers...
  19. ... one additional argument for a public ExtJs github repository
  20. Back from a few days leave and thanks for the answer.

    Last suggestion seems to be working.
    For those who encounter the same issue :

    <target name="-init-compiler" depends="-init">
  21. Hi,
    I am upgrading sencha cmd from to 4.0.0 beta for a rather complex ext app and it's not going so well ...

    One very stupid question as a starter :

    Under my previous configuration,...
  22. When mixins are defined as (json-way) in a Class definition:

    mixins: {"mixin1" : "Class1", "mixin2" : "Class2"}

    instead of:

    mixins: {mixin1 : "Class1", mixin2 : "Class2"}
  23. Nope, sorry - I did not switch to 4.2.1 yet.
  24. Hey,
    Thanks, happy it's usefull !
  25. Mmmh, did not switch to 4.2.1 yet, but will have a look when I do.
    Meanwhile pull request to github are welcome ; )

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