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    Howto change the radio-button style


    i want to use 2 different images for unchecked/checked state
    i've tried it with baseCls and associated classes, but i see allways the extjs radio buttons :(

    by the way, if i use...
  2. I think i've solved our Problem (a little bit...

    I think i've solved our Problem (a little bit :-?)
    I try to write down the solution, i think it will work in Ext3 the same as in Ext4 (i use EXT4)

    1. i use only 1 template with some if clauses...
  3. [EXT4] I've the same problem :(( you got the...

    [EXT4] I've the same problem :((
    you got the problem solved?
  4. gridpanel selectRow with row-highlight like mouseclick on a row

    in my gridpanel i can select a row, but i want to see the selected row (activate the row or something), like clicking on a row with the mouse.
    do i have to code it manually or is the a way to...
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    [2.2] Store is Loaded but Combobox is blank (FF OK but IE is blank)

    I habe an similar problem. With FF it works fine but with IE7 the combobox is empty.
    No errors, not to see where the problem is, the selection is empty :(

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