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    I've seen that. That is why I question the...

    I've seen that. That is why I question the viability of the classic toolkit in the long run.

    Any comment from ExtJS on the future of such features in (or the general future of) the classic toolkit?
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    Classic toolkit modern theme

    Near the end of 2017, the ExtJS roadmap said the following:

    But as far as I can tell none of this has happened. Can some people (hopefully people from ExtJS dev team) comment on the future of the...
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    [FIXED] Possible solution

    This override seems to restore the old behavior: It basically uses the old code from previous ExtJS versions in Component.js

    Ext.define('ESP.overrides.Component', {
  4. [CLOSED] Autoscroll is listed in the documentation

    autoscroll is listed in the documentation, so either the documentation should be changed, or the issued should be addressed.
  5. [FIXED] Still broken in 2.3.2

    Perhaps not quite the same problem, but related is still in 2.3.2. Ext.onReady is firing before Cordova is ready, so Ext.device.device.Cordova is firing before window.device is there.

    To fix, in...
  6. [DUP] File upload in ajax does not grab iframe document (Sencha Touch 2.3.1)

    In onUploadComplete in Connection.js line 482, it has:

    doc = frame.contentWindow || frame.contentWindow.document || frame.contentDocument || window.frames[id].document;

    This will grab the...
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    +1 for posting extjs 4 version.

    +1 for posting extjs 4 version.
  8. Was there any resolution to this other than that...

    Was there any resolution to this other than that stated by aszpakowski?
  9. For people looking for a way to work with MySQL,...

    For people looking for a way to work with MySQL, there's a new ExtJS based MySQL database management tool. Check out this forum post:
  10. I've tried to get it working and I couldn't. I...

    I've tried to get it working and I couldn't. I don't think it's been maintained in a while. If you're looking for a database management tool based on ExtJS, you can check out this new tool:
  11. MySQL/PHP/ExtJS Table Manager, Query Browser, DB Management

    We've developed a new open source MySQL database mangement tool based on ExtJS 3.4. It's meant for web developers ranging from those who need to manage databases but are unexpert in SQL to those who...
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    wmode should be opaque

    Flash doesn't respect things like z-index. In order to get this to work, you have to directly instruct it to. This is done using the wmode attribute. You can see one solution here when loading...
  13. Resolved

    Hello all. I was able to resolve this by adding in the following code when the field is created. I set my editor to be a function that returns the field. But before returning the field, it does the...
  14. ever addressed

    Was this issue ever addressed, or did anyone ever come up with a work around?
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    json readers, metadata and metachange

    I use json readers extensively in an app I'm updating from extjs 3.

    When I create a store using a json reader, if there was an object metaData in the root of the json, it would automatically...
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    scroll refreshing in grid in extjs 4

    Animal, any idea of what the most permanent way to stop the scroll reset on load will be moving forward?
  17. Thanks. That does answer the question. The API...

    Thanks. That does answer the question. The API doc was written saying to pass it an instance of an Passing just the config did fix the issue. Thanks very much.

    The api doc...
  18. not accepting config options

    I am adding in nodes to a tree. The way I am doing this is:

    var nodeConfig = { leaf:true,
    text:"some text,
  19. It's possible that the fact that the fact that...

    It's possible that the fact that the fact that horizontal scrolling isn't having to render the non-visible rows, significantly more columns can be rendered. When I get a chance, I will test it and...
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    Grids with many columns


    I am pleased to see that the new grid layout in Ext 4.x is so much faster. We have had some applciations that need something like 50-100 columns. In those cases, the grids have become...
  21. Does the new rendering engine for the grids,...

    Does the new rendering engine for the grids, which comes in version 4.x, also account for very large number of columns as well? There have been some buffered grid solutions (or always paging) for...
  22. code

    Here is the code as it stands. It seems to have resolved the issue. Like I said above, if I run onGridLoad when the grid renders, it still doesn't work in IE6/7. I have tested this in IE6/7,FF2/3 and...
  23. SOLVED: layout done on load (not grid orender)

    Ok. So I changed the creation of the panel from extending the panel to follow the factory method, but the problem persisted in IE6 (didn't test IE7). I should have mentioned that the problem only...
  24. thank you

    Thanks, I will do that.
  25. avoiding extend to configure

    I see. The reason I have done this is that this type of panel is called from a number of locations in my app, and I didn't want to have duplicated code everywhere this type of panel is created. In...
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