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  1. Templates in Sencha Architect for development

    We are suppose to develop multiple pages with a common template. In order to achieve this, we were planning to create a custom templateComponet which can be used to develop any page.
  2. Modify the setting in Sencha Architect

    Is there a way to modify the settings of Sencha Architect like
    a. The default name of the page being somthing other than app.html
    b. Modifying the default structure of app.html so that it includes...
  3. Best practice for J2EE application develpment using extjs and Sencha Architect

    I am a newbie to extjs and kind of new to javascript world also. I have developed application in jsp/servlet, JSF etc.
    We are planning to use extjs along with Sencha Architect to develop UIs for our...
  4. A sample J2EE application development (along with...

    A sample J2EE application development (along with the process of development with several developers) using Architect and extjs
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    Thanks for the reply. It seems I was not very...

    Thanks for the reply. It seems I was not very clear about my question. My apologies for that.
    I was looking for a hyperlink component (which a user can click like a button). For e.g. a link to this...
  6. Synchornizing/Refreshing Sencha Architect with manual changes

    While developing a page in sencha Architect, i figured out that manual modification does not synchronize back into Architect. For instance, I added autoLoad property to a JSON store and later...
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    link component in sencha architect

    I was looking for a link component in Sencha Architect, but it seems it is not available in it. Can someone please confirm. It would be nice if such basic component are available

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    Extending Toolbar library for team

    Sencha Architect 2 provides a way to export a reusable component which can be imported in other Architect (for development). However if there are many components like say 10-20 components (or...
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