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  1. @takamlacher the actual solution is to upgrade to Sencha Cmd 5.1.3, no need to have an additional workaround.
  2. Sencha Cmd 5.1.3 is out now and this issue is fixed there, so you don't need a workaround anymore.
  3. As pointed by @geek0r, this has been already fixed on the nightly builds, the fix will be publicly available with the next release.
  4. Dag! Perhaps this had to do with the recent changes in our website? Could you check now?
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    Hmm that's rather odd, this is a very unexpected error that means the algorithm used to sign/verify signed packages is not available in the system. Is this an Oracle JDK or Open JDK? If Oracle JDK,...
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    Are you using a JDK or a JRE? Could you try updating your java version to the latest update?
  7. You can remove it directly from app.json, if it comes back you may want to check the auto-generated app.json.meta file. (I'd also recommend to remove that Generated/Custom code on sencha.cfg that...
  8. I'd suggest you to do so, only don't forget to also include it in the resources block so it gets copied to the build output.
  9. This code is not part of the framework, is this part of your code or any other externa dependency? If from an external dependency, you may want to set is a remote and have Sencha Cmd copy the file to...
  10. In this case, the best alternative is to configure your app.js with "update": "full" in app.json, so no delta update mechanism is involved.
  11. I see what you mean, you're right, this is even something we use on the frameworks themselves. Even so, the best approach is to place them in the "overrides" directory of the application and do an...
  12. We don't really have this option right now, but we have a feature request to automatically copy the missing images in a future version: EXTJS-15061.
  13. Can you reproduce this on a standalone application? I just tried it with Sencha Cmd and Ext JS 4.2.0 and cannot reproduce, could there be something else going on on your application?
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    Sencha Architect's publish command is actually copying the files from your sources to the path you specify. Is typically used to copy your unbuilt project directly to a remote directory (for example,...
  15. Overrides should be included in the "overrides" dir in the app root, and should actually be included automatically (no need to add them to the requires block). Are you experiencing this issue this...
  16. Which Cmd version are you using?

    What are you sending in the zip? All files inside the build output?
    If so, Sencha Touch should be able to handle the update automatically (and trigger your...
  17. This issue is now fixed as part of Sencha Cmd 5.1.3, you can use the nightly build (avialable in the support portal) while the beta/GA is released.
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    There is no support to "import" or "migrate" an existing app to Sencha Architect, so that's most likely it. The charset issue is now fixed on Sencha Cmd 5.1.3 (available as a nightly build still).
  19. This is an issue with Java on windows, not Sencha Cmd-specific. +1 to what's mentioned by LarssaAndin, and if your %JAVA_HOME% is on %PATH%, things should work fine after removing those files.
  20. In order for this to work, your source html must contain an empty manifest attribute in the root html node:

    <html manifest="">

    Sencha Cmd will then complete it on the build...
  21. Please scratch my previous message, the recommended way would be to make use of the config command.

    The best way is to define a new property inside your app.json file, for example:

  22. I'm sorry for being redundant, but I just don't see why the following command wouldn't make the trick for you:

    > sencha -sdk ../ext \
    compile -cl app,app.js \
    exclude -na Ext \
  23. You're absolutely right! I missed the first rule in the troubleshooters notebook: Ask for version numbers. There's no need for a reference to the framework on the build output as the framework's code...
  24. It is just working on IE10+ there's no polifyll for IE9- as the only one that used to exist depended on Google Gears which is now discontinued.
  25. I recall suggesting the usage of the testing build on a previous thread, but you mentioned you didn't want the files to be concatenated and wanted to preserve the original file names and line numbers...
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