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  1. Running on OSX

    I was inspecting a theme, changing colors, etc. clicked on my Skype app to text someone, and when I come back to the inspector I can no longer edit the colors. when I click,...
  2. No enum constant com.sencha.idea.model.Toolkit.${ARGS.TOOLKIT}

    Esp. when I have more than one editor open.

    I do have the Webstorm / Preferences / Javascript / Library set properly

  3. I have a form field (called state) and entered the following for the listener:

    listener: {
    blur: 'upperCaseState'

    When the IDE generated the event handler, it was named "upperCase"...
  4. Marc, do let me know when you find a "good" editor. Except for hesitations every now and then, I find web storm is working OK for me. It is so extensible was easy to find someone who had a diff....
  5. Chris, in Architect, I can set the preference to NOT have YOUR built in web server running. Thats what I want to turn off for apps built using a plain old editor. When I am at a command prompt and...
  6. Last good one for me was .84, now up to .136 and I get the same error in at the same section:

    sort of looks like this:


    my app works fine in older builds,...
  7. Was not sure where else to ask these:

    1) I do not want to use the built in web server. I have my own for testing. Where does one go to disable it?

    2) I am using Webstorm, and when I open a...
  8. Thanks, I have no problems using your scope. Mine was extra wordy anyway.Bruce
  9. In my View, I add a few listeners, i.e.:

    listeners: {
    show: {
    fn: 'onTemplateWindowShow',
    scope: 'controller'
    beforeclose: {
  10. if your data elements in your parent view model are an object (as opposed to a single value), then if any class updates it, its not global. so, in my MAIN view model I have

    data: {
    common: {...
  11. I did install compass, but am not using CMD 6 for any V5 apps.

    My conversion was to build a shiny new app in Ext 6, then copy the app folder (and the app.js) and them massage the application.js...
  12. What I thought the plug does, is that if I create an listener in my View, it would automatically create the function in the viewController with the correct parameters.Bruce
  13. I must be missing something. I thought there is an easy way when I am adding a listener to a component. i.e. click for a button, that there is a way to have the event handler created in the...
  14. Replies
    Yes, that was it. Perhaps when the program "expires" it should have some sort of msg (like most others do) instead of just not running... perhaps???
  15. Because I am building an app in Ext 6, I have had to give up using Architect and am now developing the app in WebStorm, (with the plugin). After a few days of this, I will never ever complain about...
  16. Because I am building an app in Ext 6, I have had to give up using Architect and am now developing the app in WebStorm, (with the plugin). After a few days of this, I will never ever complain about...
  17. Replies
    I have tried on 2 machines. Installed the inspector, when I try to run it, it opens for about 1/2 second then closes. OS X 10.4.4

    Any suggestions?

  18. when I use sencha app watch, the cmd build process will start automatically. However, I have no idea when I look at the console if it was really just run.

    It would be nice if it gave the time...
  19. (Douglas Adams says it the best)

    1st, this it not really a goodbye. I will continue to use SA for my V5 apps, and perhaps to protype UI components that I can copy into my V6 applications, but for...
  20. 1). I used to have the following at the end of my .sencha/sencha.cfg
    # Skip the image slice process

    That seemed to speed the build process up a little. Is this still valid? If...
  21. I am considering switching from SA to Webstorm, but have a question re: how much will I have to remember.

    In SA, if I click to add a renderer to a grid column, it populates the function with all...
  22. Thanks Mark. That worked fine. I didn't look there since I "HAD" created my app under the workspace using CMD, but since the ext folder was up in the workspace, had to do this. All is good now.
  23. I am sure I "MUST" be doing something wrong, but I created a workspace, then an application in the workspace. When I open the app in WebStorm, the only hinting I get are classes in MY application. ...
  24. alright, with some tweaking it worked. I pointed to a folder that had the latest version of cmd 5 in it. SA decided to copy an older version into it. I argued, and then copied ANOTHER recent copy...
  25. I do see that, but the help says its NOT for a specific version, and gives an example to point to Sencha/Cmd. I had both CMD 5 and 6 under the CMD folder, and both were in the path. Unfortunaly, SA...
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