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  1. I don't honestly know if Sencha has addressed this or not yet, but it should be easy enough to figure out by looking at the latest source. I'd expect they'd solve this in a way similar. I should say...
  2. In's constructor the following line does not follow the docs:

    persistenceProperty[idProperty] = idField && idField.convert ? idField.convert(id) : id;

    It should pass both the...
  3. You're most welcome, good sir!

    Ext version tested:

    Description: makes a call to addCls() whether or not cfg.cls is defined
    addCls() logs a warning if the cls...
  5. Hey everyone,

    I wrote a blog post about integrating Models and Forms in Ext JS 4, providing a simple extension of Form Panel that makes binding Models super easy. Enjoy!
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