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  1. In version 4.2.2, if we use locking in grid then load mask stops working, and thus when the grid store loads then no masking message gets displayed to the user.

    As soon as locking is removed then...
  2. This has become a show-stoppoer for us too due to which we have still not migrated to 4.2 from 4.1.3.
  3. Following is a test case created using code from infinite grid example of ExtJs.

  4. We are also getting the error of removeRange not being a function in store when using removeAll to delete all the records of an infinite grid. Any clues on that?

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    Please share the code of creating the store too, may be issue lies there, as here you have shared the code of defining it alone.
  6. Anyone from Sencha listening to this one?

    Could this please be moved to bugs.

    Looks like we shall have to downgrade to 4.1.1 from 4.1.3, which is again a struggle as few issues related to...
  7. I checked this in older versions and its working fine in versions upto 4.1.1, that is, the listeners are getting called properly.

    But in version 4.1.3 its just not working.

    This is really...
  8. Any idea on this anyone?
  9. Below is a test case in which the code is doing the following thing:

    1. There is button - Click Me - which opens a window

    2. Window has a form containing two text fields

    3. Afterrender event...
  10. As mentioned - "Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJSIV-5482 in 4.2."

    Currently things are not working in 4.1.3 and this is becoming a...
  11. True, there should be definitely some solution or workaround for this, as this issue can lead to grave situations in the application. Hope there is something existing and someone replies with the...
  12. If a window is declared as modal then the elements behind it are not accessible.

    But the user is able to access these elements using the TAB key in the keyboard.

    Such a behavior leads to...
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